On Location

People often assume that using studio light is only something one can do in a studio.

Simply put, that is just not true!

Studio lighting super easy to set up on location.  Once you learn how you’ll see that it is a great option for artist who shoot weddings,  work in client’s homes, or who have more of a lifestyle point of view.

When shooting on location, you don’t need a ton of gear.

The image below shows everything I take with me when I’m going  out on location.  I bring my medium (5 foot) OctoDome (and speed ring), my Alien Bee 1600 (and power cord), a light stand, a radio trigger and receiver, a light meter, and my camera (the Contax 645 is shown) and film.

Most of this equipment fits in my rolling camera bag, with room to spare!

Here is the camera bag along with the stand and my camera bag all ready to go!

This is all very light.  I’m able to carry all of my equipment to my car, and from my car into my clients home in one trip.  Once inside my clients home, it takes me less than 5 minutes to set up.

If you are new to studio lighting, I recommend putting in all together and taking it all apart a few time before arriving at your clients home.  You want to feel confident when in a clients home, and the more you practice, the easier it will all become.

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