Professional Photo Labs

I can not teach a film workshop without talking about labs. 

As a film photographer, your lab is your creative partner.  The chemicals they use when developing your film, and the skill they have when scanning your negatives can make (or break) an image.

Below is an example of the same negative scanned by three different labs.  Amazing isn't it!

Because your lab has such a huge influence on the final outcome of your images, it's important to choose a good one! 

Again, your lab is your partner.  They are there to help you.  They want to know you and your work.  So don't be shy!  Give them all call.  Introduce yourself.  Tell them about what you do, what you like and if there is something that doesn't seem quite right on your scans, ask about it!  It's a great way to get feedback, and a good lab is always happy to help.

I personally us Richard Photo Lab.  

Richard Photo Lab is based in Valencia, CA, but work with photographers around the world.  They truly are the gold standard.  But don't let their big name scare you off!  They are really, really nice!  And very approachable!

Give them a try... call them and say hello!  You won't be disappointed!

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