How to Adjust Strobe Units

Any strobe unit you work with will have two sets of controls: one to adjust the model light and one to adjust the strobe light.

When using using strobes, my goal is always to have the light I create look like natural light.

 To do that, I have the model light turned up high (so I can see how the light is falling on my subject) and my strobe light turned down low.

Remember, most film cameras have a sync speed of around 1/60. So if you want to shoot at f4 or wider you will need to turn your strobe light to its lowest setting.

Shooting wide open with a low strobe light will give you a soft, luminous image that looks very natural! And because the flash of the strobe freezes movement, you can shoot at f4 or even f2 at 1/60 and get sharp images!


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