A Gorgeous Fall Session : Tyler Rippel

I can smell fall in the air when I look at these photos!  I love the gorgeous orange tones, paired with the beautiful late afternoon light.  Their expressions and outfits make these images sing.

In Tyler's words:

"It was one of those totally unexpected, perfect late fall days in Ohio. Most of the leaves were down elsewhere, but Price Park was gorgeous, and the Rumer family was ready to go! This was one of the first sessions with my Hasselblad H1 and I was so happy with the camera and the FIND lab!"

Gear: Hasselblad H1 and 100mm 2.2 lens

Film: Portra 400

Lab:  The FIND Lab

You can see more of Tyler's work here:

website | facebook | instagram

Little Bellows is currently accepting fall submissions!  Please share your favorite sessions here.

A Summery Maternity Session by Sydney Tolifson Photography

This summer maternity session is so eye-catching!  I love the variety of poses Sydney takes of the expecting couple, and also how she incorporates landscape and movement in her images to add interest.  Great work, Sydney!

In Sydney's words:

"This session was so much fun, but I know this poor momma got her steps in for that day. We were all over the place! Taryn and her husband are welcoming their first baby girl in September. I really loved the tones and feel of this session! This momma has the perfect pregnancy glow we all hope for."


Contax 645, Portra 400, The FIND Lab

See more of Sydney's work here:

website | facebook | instagram

Sweet Family Session by Leanne Vice Photography

Leanne's use of light and location pair so well with her subjects.  It's just beautiful!  And who doesn't love big smiling baby cheeks?!

Leanne says:

"This session is very special to me because baby Levi is my nephew! It is amazing seeing your sibling, especially your younger sibling, become a parent. Nina and Cody are so in love with that baby boy, it is just precious! (And yes, Cody IS a bodybuilder.)

This shoot was to celebrate Levi turning 6 months old and took place in south Florida, where they live. The light in this spot was incredible, and Levi was such a good boy for me!"

Gear Info:

Hasselblad H1 + 100mm 2.2

Portra 400

Photovision dev+scan

Leanne is a Nashville-area portrait photographer that specializes in babies and families. She is mom to 3 boys under four years old and loves Netflix documentaries and all things Rosemary Mint.

See more of Leanne's work here:

website | facebook | instagram

A Chance Encounter

I just had the loveliest thing happen!  

I was outside working in my garden, and saw an older man, probably in his 70’s, walk slowly down the sidewalk in font of my house.  He had an old Nikon 35mm camera and as he walked, he would stop and just look through the lens every couple of steps.  I watched him do this for about five minutes before deciding to go talk to him.

I introduced myself, saying that I’d notice he shooting film, and that I shoot film as well. We talked about film stocks and old cameras, and then I asked him what he was photographing.  His response was great.   He said “nothing yet”!   

He went on tell me about why he still shoots film.  “When I shoot film, I think about each frame I’m making.  I look through the camera and analyze what I’m seeing.  The colors.  The textures. The light. I then ask myself if what I’m seeing is really what I want a photo of.  Most of the time it’s not.  But the slowness of the process lets me be in the moment, fully.  It’s my meditation.”

I thought it was beautiful and summed up why I shoot film too.  I love the slowness.  I love to think about my film stock and how it will effect the colors and the light. It’s fun.  And relaxing.

My new friend has inspired me.  I’m going to turn off my computer.  Load my camera.  And just go for a walk to see what I can find.  Maybe I won’t find anything.  Maybe I won’t shoot a single frame.  But maybe I will.  

Today this will be my meditation.  To just be in the world, be slow, and really see it.

Sandra Coan, film photography Little Bellows

South Carolina Maternity Session with Leanne Haskins Photography

I can't stop looking at Leanne's stunning images!  Her use of backlight, choosing the fuji film stock for the skin tones and pop of red, her sister's outfit choice and the hat.  The HAT.  I also love her posing choices and variety of shots, and last, her creativity with focus points are just gorgeous.  

In Leanne's words:

"This maternity session is especially close to my heart as this gorgeous mother is my younger sister.  We were in South Carolina visiting family for Thanksgiving.  They live just outside of Greenville in the foothills providing us with the perfect backdrop for the session.  I live on the coast so it was great to get away from the typical beach scene of sand, waves, and shear dresses and into the rolling green hills with a cable-knit dress and floppy wool hat.  I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do!"

  • Camera: 35mm Canon Elan 7E SLR, 85mm 1.2L, 135mm 2L lenses
  • Film: Fuji400H 35mm film
  • Lab:  Richard Photo Lab

Thank you for sharing your work with us, Leanne!

See more of Leanne's work here:

website | facebook | instagram



Top 5 Film 365

I'm continually drawn to your beautiful summertime 365 photos; even more so because it's raining in Seattle today!  I've added camera and film specs, so be sure to add those to your hashtags if you'd like me to share them.  Portra 400 was a favorite this round!  Keep tagging your images #lbfilm365 for a chance to be featured!

angelicachang_  using Portra 400 with her Contax 645

angelicachang_ using Portra 400 with her Contax 645

pinkyyoshimoto  on Portra 400

pinkyyoshimoto on Portra 400

gwennmcgill  on Ektar with her Nikons

gwennmcgill on Ektar with her Nikons

laurennygard   using Portra 400 with her Mamiya AFD

laurennygard  using Portra 400 with her Mamiya AFD

littlekauaigirl  on Agfa Vista with her Nikon F100

littlekauaigirl on Agfa Vista with her Nikon F100

A Night at Kiddie Park by Maria Manco Photography

When looking at Maria's photos, I could smell the popcorn and elephant ears, hear the delightful screams of kids enjoying all the rides and feel the warm setting sun on my face.  Add in the bonus of these awesome summertime colors captured on film!  I love your documentary work, Maria.

In Maria's words:

"This wasn't a planned shoot - just my own kids as we spent an evening at kiddie park.  Kiddie park is a magical place for kids aged 6 and under.  It's small (about 9 rides and mini golf) and all the rides are for pint sized people.  I have many of my own childhood memories here and its awesome to get to take my kids."

  •   Camera: Canon EOS3 and sigma 35mm art lens
  •   Film:Fuji 400h rated at 200 and then pushed +1
  •   Lab: The FIND lab

You can see more of Maria's work here:

website | facebook | instagram

A Road Trip Through Utah by Divya Pande Photography

Nothing says summer time like a good old fashion road trip!  And these stunning images by Divya Pande Photography make me want to pack up my car and head straight to Utah!  Wow!!

Here's what Divya has to say:

These images were shot on a summer road trip through the stunning national parks of Utah. I loved using film and Fuji 400H to capture the parks in a soft and pretty way. I don't know what I was expecting, but the parks completely exceeded all my expectation!

Divya Pande Photography, Little Bellows
Divya Pande Photography, Little Bellows
Divya Pande Photography, Little Bellows
Divya Pande Photography, Little Bellows
Divya Pande Photography, Little Bellows

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Sisterly Love by Erin Scabuzzo of Hello Pinecone

Erin of Hello Pinecone (love it!) amazed me with this set!  I love the bare feet, airstream, animals, and details captured here.  It makes me want to run out and find someone to photograph in the countryside, or at least make the leap and get our own chicken coop.  I think sometimes it can be awkward capturing teen girls together, but Erin has done it beautifully!

In Erin's words:

"It was shot where I live in the mountains of Topanga Canyon, CA and the two teenage sisters (15 and 18) that are also best friends. These images were shot around their home (the older sisters room is the airstream!!)  where we were surrounded by their large amount of rescued animals."

Gear: Canon eos 3 // HP5 & Fiji 400h

Lab:  FIND Lab

See more of Erin's work here:

website | Facebook | Instagram

Family Session by Lea Ciceraro of Love Me Simply Photography

I'm a huge fan of Lea's work, so I was excited when I saw her submission come in.  I love how Portra 400's punchy colors enhanced the pops of color throughout this set, from the bright boots, and the reds in the tractor and chickens.  And I really want a baby goat.  Another farmhouse scene for the win!

In Lea's words:

"I photographed this sweet family about a month ago. They live in the same little North Carolina town as I do, and have the most adorable farmhouse and homestead that they have been restoring and enjoying for the last year or so. Three boys including a set of twins, chickens, dogs, goats, and the occasional frog or turtle caught in their pond. :) I showed up shortly after sunrise to enjoy that nice warm light before the heat of the day took over. Everyone was so laid back and relaxed, and we just had a blast exploring each and every nook of their homestead! My family sessions typically only last about an hour, but this one easily hit the 2-hour mark, and I think I could have stayed even longer just soaking it all in and taking even more photos! There was just so much love and positive energy... and what's not to love about photographing chickens and goats with film!?"

Gear:  Nikon F100 camera, Nikkor 50mm/f1.4 lens, Kodak Portra 400, in Pittsboro, North Carolina. Film processed and scanned by theFINDlab.

See More of Lea's work here:

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Mini Session Inspiration by Lexi Vornberg Photography

I love how Lexi Vornberg, when feeling burnt out, opts to challenge herself creatively by getting out of her comfort zone, a practice that will always push us.  Beautiful images, Lexi!

In Lexi's words: 

"As an artist we all hit a point to where we feel burned out or un-inspired.  I was stuck in that rut for the longest time and I can actually thank film for helping to re-inspire me.  In an effort to not lose my passion and love for film I always set up mini shoots for myself to capture what I love and what I see, without the client stress involved.  Lindsay was kind enough to let me capture her and her sweet daughter Ru last summer during one of these personal shoots for myself.  In an effort to push myself during each of these shoots I try to pick one detail that puts me out of my comfort zone.  And in this case it was an urban setting with window light and tight space.  Being an outdoorsy nature loving photographer, this location surely was a challenge and change for me.  But like all challenges it helped me grow and allowed me to capture so many beautiful images."

Ciny, Oh

Canon EOS 1v


Portra 400


You can see more of Lexi's work here:

website | facebook | instagram

Little Bellows is currently accepting summer submissions for our blog!  Feel free to submit your favorite session that screams summer here.

What if it were actually CHEAPER to shoot film?

Have you done your numbers? Figured out your hourly rate? Do you know how many rolls of film you shoot at a session, and how much the total cost per session is? If not, you need to figure that out. It is eye opening.

My name is Meghan, and I am a spreadsheet addict. And I am proud! And every day I look at my "MBP by the numbers" spreadsheet. Every day! Things don't change on it from a day to day basis, but it's good to always keep your business budget in mind. What the heck is "MBP by the numbers"?? It's the giant spreadsheet I created that holds everything relating to money for my business. My goal gross, my hourly rate calculated, my number of hours spent per client, my average sale, my session fee breakdown, my product pricing breakdown, and lots of other pages. One that was eye opening to me is the Film Costs page (I told you there was a page for everything!) But what that page told me, is that it is actually CHEAPER for me to shoot film than digitally.

Did that just blow your mind?

I know you don't believe me. I definitely wouldn't! But here's the breakdown:

  • I know my average cost per roll (BW or C41, 35mm or 120) is $22.76. That will change slightly with film costs, but it's my average right now. 
  • I know my 1 hour shoot will have around 5 rolls of film, making my total film cost per session $113.80.
  • I know my hourly rate according to my gross and hours available, etc, is $122
  • Shooting digital would take approximately 2.5-3 hours of editing time costing me a minimum of $305 (hourly rate x 2.5)
  • Film scans take about 15 minutes to cull and do any needed tweaks (typically just straightening because my head shoots crooked), which costs me $30.50 of my time.
  • My session fee is $225
  • Cost of shooting film for the session including edit time: $144.30
  • Cost of shooting digitally for the session including edit time: $305 and up
  • Profit from my session fee for film: $80.70

  • Profit from my session fee for digital: -$80 (yes, that's NEGATIVE!)

Seems crazy right? But numbers don't lie. It COSTS me my time (which is worth money!!) to shoot digitally. I encourage you to take a look at your own business finances. KNOW your hourly rate. Know your value and what is worth spending your time on and your money on. It might just be eye opening!

Meghan Boyer for Little Bellows // Budgeting Film