The Missing Link: A Film Photographer's Guide to Studio Strobes

Most film photographers believe that in order to shoot film 100% of the time they need to shoot outside.

They struggle when the weather turns cold or rainy or when they are asked to photograph a subject indoors.

And they believe the only solution to this problem is to push their film and pray for good results or go back to their digital camera and embrace hybrid shooting.

I know because that was my story too.

I struggled with not enough light.  I pushed my film which resulted in contrasty and muddy images that didn't fit my brand, and I resigned myself to hybrid shooting, thinking that was my only choice.

What I know now, however,  is that it is possible to shoot film 100% of the time - even inside, even on super dark days.  

It is possible to create soft, luminous images at every single session regardless of the weather. 

And it is possible to do it without pushing your film or relying on your digital gear.

Let me show you how!


The Missing Link: A Film Photographer's Guide to Studio Strobes is designed to teach you everything you need to know about working with film and artificial light. 


In this workshop you will learn...

  • The exact equipment you need to get started.
  • Details on how to set everything up and get it working seamlessly with your film cameras.
  • How to meter with strobes for both B&W and color.
  • My one light, one light-modifier approach to creating luminous, natural-light looking photos.
  • Detailed descriptions, photos AND instructional videos throughout.
  • Bonus materials on shooting with speedlights, using strobes on location, film stocks and more.
  • Continued support in The Missing Link Facebook group where you can share your progress and ask questions.
  • Most importantly you will get instant access to all three modules.... AND lifetime access to the workshop.

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