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I'm always interested in hearing how other photographers conduct their sessions.  I loved hearing what Taylor Jones had to say about this beautiful "Mommy and Me" session!  


From Taylor:

To celebrate her daughter's first birthday and to commemorate one year of being a Mama, Amanda and I planned a girly spring Motherhood session around the bloom of the cherry blossom trees.

Taylor Jones Little Bellows Feature

Although her daughter was the star of the show, I also wanted to highlight the relationship the they shared and focus on the emotion behind Amanda's role as a Mother. Throughout the session I prompted her to remember or act out things that may be memorable to her. Those prompts that evoked authentic emotion gave this session such a magically joyful feeling, almost even awe-inspiring! After all, what is more awe-inspiring than a love so great that you would easily give your whole self over to that person? That is what Motherhood is; an all encompassing love that gives and takes well beyond the extent of a lifetime.

I asked Amanda as she was holding her daughter to remember the moment that they first met. I immediately saw such joy in her expression and she began to cling to her little one even tighter. She held in her arms her innocent child that she has hopes and dreams for, and plans for happy memories for years to come. Her daughter doesn't realize it yet, but she will carry her Mother's love with her throughout every challenge and every triumph she encounters. Mother will be the one she runs to for comfort when she scrapes her knee, who she'll trust for advice about challenging decisions as she grows older, and who she will call a thousand times a day when she anxiously brings her own child home from the hospital.

Taylor Jones Little Bellows Feature

Generations through generations remember and pass on the words full of love that their Mothers taught them. I hope that Amanda never doubts the impact her role has on her child's future...it can extend further than we might even imagine.

Taylor Jones Little Bellows Feature
Taylor Jones Little Bellows Feature
Taylor Jones Little Bellows Feature

All images were taken with a Canon EOS3 on Fuji 400 and a 50mm f/1.2 lens

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Mommy + Me // Stout & Co.

Sarah Der of Stout & Co. is one of my favorite photographers. Her work is so good, and always full of life. I was lucky enough to meet her last year and she is equally as awesome in person. I was so glad to see her submission come in and I'm happy to share it with you. Here's more from Sarah . . .

"I wanted to share with you this sweet mama session at home, with Gina and her first son James. Gina is a friend of mine, always behind the camera, dedicated to documenting the everyday life of her family. Like most moms, she isn't in many photos; she wanted this session to be a gift to James and a gift to herself.

"I really love this session because I think so often mothers are self conscious in front of the camera, and because of this they don't prioritize being in photos with their children and loved ones. I can't help but imagine how special and treasured these photos will be to James as he gets older, to see the love and tenderness in these images, to see how beautiful and joyful his mom is. These images really move me, because Gina really is so beautiful and generous and loving, and I am honored to have had the chance to document that for her and for her family. She has such a special relationship with James...! And I think it really shows in these."

I think so too Sarah!

Shot on a Hasselblad H2/80 2.8 and Canon 1V/50L with Fuji 400H and Ilford XP2. The film is processed by Richard Photo Lab.

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