Joyce's Favorite in Color Film February 2015

As I am sitting here looking through all the beautiful submissions on Little Bellows Facebook Page for this color film favorite blog post, this image by Nicole Lattanzi caught my eye.  Yes, it's about the exposure, the color, the composition, and the light...everything seems to fit well together to create this moment on a frame.  But there is more.  Much more.  It's a piece of childhood, the memory of a time past. Tonight, I witnessed my eldest son welcomed his younger brother into his Boy Scout Troop by placing a Boy Scout neckerchief and a slider around his younger brother's neck.   Where did the time go?  How did I end up with a boy who will "officially" becoming a teenager in exactly 3 months from today?

I can still remember the day when my eldest one was toting around his favorite threadbare lovey without the fear of being "uncool".  The little boy who used to wrap his arms around my neck and gives out loving kisses without the feeling of being embarrassed.    My sweet baby whose favorite TV show was Barney and Cars instead of Nacho Libre.    There used to be just me and him, not world, him and me.

I am trying to hold on...

the more I tighten my grip,

the faster it slips away...

This image reminds me why I am a photographer.  I want to cherish every moment, freeze every memory, soak in every unconditional love... for as long as I can hold on.


Nicole Lattanzi Photography


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