Standing Out in the Crowd

It's the question that has been asked for a long time, not only among photographers, but among anyone who was driven in their career or passion. How do I stand out among all the other photographers out there? How do I get people to choose ME?

There are many amazing books on this (Seth Godin's Purple Cow is one of the best). And maybe it's a little much to tackle in one blog post. But, there is one thing that I believe you can do today to begin finding this out for yourself. 

Learn more about yourself. 

We tend to think so much about what other photographers are doing, what they are charging, who they are shooting, how busy they seem. Or we think too much about our clients and what we think they want. But when is the last time you sat and thought, "What do I want with my business? What makes ME happy?"

That is where I began. A little (ok a whole LOT) of self reflection lead me to my strengths and lead me to realize the things I loved and the things I really disliked about what I was doing in my business. And I decided to just do what I wanted to do. No one else was really doing it so it seemed crazy, but I just wanted to be happy in my business and in my work so I did it anyway. And it lead to amazing things. Personally, professionally and everything in between. 

I strongly believe it's possible to stand out.
And anyone can do it.

You have to work hard.
You have to fail. Sometimes a LOT.
You have to know yourself and allow yourself to be vulnerable.
And then, you have to work even harder

So go do you. Be weird. Be awesome. Be a cow. Whatever color you like best. 

Stand Out in the Crowd / Little Bellows //  © Meghan Boyer Photography