Your Creativity & Your Business

Chances are you started your photography business because you had a passion for photography. For art. For creating photos for families just as you would want or maybe that you wished you had from your own childhood. You loved it and were really good at it. You were so good people wanted to pay for it. And you maybe thought, "hey a little extra money would be awesome". Then you decided to start a legitimate business. You got a business license (hopefully!!!), created your website, and bought a great logo off etsy. 

Then things slowly started to shift. Facebook groups and photographer friends were shocked at how little you were charging so you decided it was time to charge more. You realized you were shooting a ton, editing a ton, and then you focused a lot on how much you were charging. You created a new price list 4 times in a year. You bought 4 more logos from etsy that same year. You shot a ton and were so happy to book so many sessions.

And then all of the sudden you didn't want to do it anymore.  You dreaded going to sessions. You didn't even care about the money. And you realized you didn't want to even pick up your camera. 

Burn out. It happens to the best of us. And ultimately what it's really about is balancing the creativity and art that fills us with the business savvy and understanding we need. 

Business is boring. To most. There are exceptions that find business interesting and fun (I get called a dork a lot for this and I'm cool with it). But to most photographers and creatives, it's the part of it all that makes us cringe. And the thing is, if you understand business you can put things in motion so you don't have to think about it all the time. You can focus on being creative and stretching your work and staying inspired. You just have to learn a little business. 

Your photography business does not have to be a drag. You can still be creatively fulfilled making beautiful photographs exactly how you want AND have a successful, profitable business. It just takes a little extra work and a little bit of re-focusing priorities. Less about the logo and what everyone else tells you should be happening with your business and more about what you need your business to become.

© Meghan Boyer Photography

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