Big, Big Plans!

Hey there Little Bellows readers. I just returned from Click Away, and all I can say is, it was AMAZING!

SO many great classes and speakers!

SO many interesting and talented women (and yes, even some dudes).

Names I’ve known for years on Facebook that now have an actual (awesome) person attached to them!

And SO many great vendors, FujiFilm, Profoto and 17 hats, just to name a few.

I’ve come home excited,  re-energized and ready to make some big changes here on the Little Bellows blog!

And so, I’ll be taking a little break from blogging as I work on updating the site and implementing some of the exciting plans I have for this community.

In the mean time, the Little Bellows team will still be posting on Instagram, Facebook and on the Little Bellows Film forum.

Please join us there!  I'll be sharing photos from my time in San Antonio as soon as I get my scans in!

And I’ll see you back here on the blog  very soon!

Sandra Coan

Sandra Coan: Metering film in all kinds of light

Photos by Sandra Coan.  Created with a Contax 645, Fuji 400h, and strobes.  Processed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.


Happy Birthday Little Bellows!

In honor of our 3rd birthday we are having aFilm Photography Photo Contest!


Did you know that Little Bellows is turning three years old on May 1st!  It’s true!  And to celebrate, we’re having a Photo Contest!

The image competition will run from April 16th until midnight (P.S.T) on May 1st.

Sandra Coan film photographyThere will be only one winner per category and winners will receive

  • a coveted Little Bellows Award Winning Image button to share on social media and on their website
  • a “Film Photographers Spotlight” interview with Joyce Kang to be featured on the Little Bellows blog

All entries will be scored on a common rubric based on composition, originality and technical merits.




The categories are as follows:



Babies and Toddlers

Kids and Teens



To enter

  • submit up to three images per category
  • size images to 600 pixels wide across the top of the photo (images not properly sized will be disqualified)
  • name images as follows: artistname_category_imagename.jpg (example: sandracoan_newborn_cutiepants.jpg)
  • submit to and use Photo Contest in the subject line. Please note, we will not view images sent as zip files, blog links or by Dropbox.




Winners will be announced on Monday, May 18th at 9:00 am (E.S.T)

Christina Mallet film photography

And make sure you sign up for our NEWSLETTER LIST so that you’ll be first to know when the winners are announced!


I love January. After the rush of the busy fall/Holiday season the slowness of it is always a welcome relief.  I spend this time relaxing and gathering my thoughts on where I want to focus my attentions in the coming year.

And that is exactly what I've been doing over the past few weeks.  I've been thinking hard about Little Bellows and what direction we should go in the new year.

The truth is, it's pretty great as it is.  We have an amazing community.  We could leave the blog the alone and it would run along just fine.

But I don't want it to be fine.  I want it to be awesome!


I know that to be really really awesome you need to do what you love and what you are passionate about.  And so, after talking to everyone who helps run this blog, I've decided to make some changes.

In 2015 Little Bellows will transition to focusing on film photography.

Everyone who works on this blog is a passionate film photographer.  We all love it.  And we want to share why we love it so much with the world.  Making this our focus just makes sense.

We will continue to feature talented photographers and sharing beautiful work, only now the photographer's we feature will all be film shooters.  We will also be adding some new features, teaching about film and business through weekly tutorials.  We will continue to run Christina's Instagram Wednesday, so don't worry about that, but will be re-working the Friday Favorites post, turning it into a weekly Facebook contest instead of a weekly blog feature.

Taking the blog is this direction is so exciting for all of here at Little Bellows!  I hope that it will be exciting for you as well!

Lots of love,

Sandra Coan and the entire Little Bellows team!


images by Sandra Coan.  Shot on a Contax 645 with fuji 400h film.  Processed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab

Sandra Coan's Friday Favorites: Your Favorite, 2014

Happy New Year friends! What an amazing year 2014 was!  Wow!

And I love that I recognized so many of the images that were shared as 2014 favorites as some of my favorite photos too!  What a talented bunch you are!

In keeping with the New Year, our theme for next week is going to be "new".  To play, just post your "new" photo to our Facebook wall sized no smaller that 600 pixels wide.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



Meghan Boyer Photography


Kate T. Parker Photography


Megan Kirschenheiter Dill


Ali Deck


jaclyn shepard photography


Chelsea Marie Photography


Carrie Geddie Photography


Erin Morrison Photography


Nat Windsor


peek photography + design

Sandra Coan's Friday Favorites: Tradition

I love this time of year.  There are certain things we do every year to celebrate.  Our little family traditions; it's so fun to see that others do the same kind of things! Next week our theme is Christmas!!!  (Crazy!!!)  I can not wait to see what you post!!

Have a great weekend!



Rachel McCalley Photography




Allison Gipson Photography


Rachel McCalley Photography


Angela Doran Photography


Holly Evanchik Donovan

Sandra Coan's Friday Favorites: Thankful for...

Happy Friday! I have to tell you, our "Thankful for..." post is something that I look forward to every year!  I love reading your words and seeing the people and things that bring you joy.  So great!

In honor of Thanksgiving, we will be taking next Thursday and Friday off.  So that means our next Friday Favorites won't be until December!!  How crazy is that?

The new theme will be "Winter"... what does it look like where you are?  Can't wait to see!

Have a great weekend everyone!



"{thankful} for squishy little smiles"  Monica Hart Photography


"Thankful for an awesome hubby who teaches our kiddos the fundamentals early"


"I am thankful we visited my mom's hometown in West Virginia this summer, spent quality time with our cousins, and got to put our feet in the river."  Carrie Geddie Photography


Thankful for {them} Colie James Photography


"thankful for my daughters!" LifeCreated


"{thankful} I'm very thankful for my family's good health. I shot this image today of a husband and father battling cancer. It was heartbreaking to approach this session with the perspective that these may be the last photos this family ever has together. I tried to document the things that have stuck in my head about my own dad and knew that I had to get a picture of his hands. Even sick from Chemo and weak and in pain, a daddy's hands always remind me of strength and I sincerely pray that this young father kicks cancer's butt!" Lea Kahle Hartman


"{thankful} for her willingness to explore new ideas with me" Brittany Blake Photography


"Thankful two sons who love to play together." JRo Photo

Sandra Coan's Friday Favorites: Refelections

Wow!  So really great photos this week!  Nicely done! Congratulations to all the featured artist!

Next week, in honor of the up coming Thanksgiving holiday, our theme will be "Thankful For..."  We do are version of this theme every year, and it's always one of my favorites.  I can not wait to see what you are all thankful for!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Sarah Scott Photography


Privizzini's Passion Photography


Monica Hart Photography


Joni Burtt Photography

1465811_10152770703313898_1221213855785780130_o she saw things: photography by jen downer

Brett and Jessica: Fall Family Photos

Brett and Jessica sent me these photos back in May, and I've been holding on to them all this time!  I wanted to share them in the Fall, as these images really showcase the beauty of the season.  I'm so thrilled to be sharing them today!  Gorgeous photos and an amazing story! Enjoy! -Sandra

From Brett and Jessica:

Meet Yana, Derek + Ezra.

A year ago, they welcomed their first born son, Ezra. Little man Ezra has Bicoronal Craniosynostosis. He had Frontal Orbital Advancement and Cranio Vault Reconstruction (skull surgery) on June 7th, 2013. He is officially going to yearly appointments. He has no holes or gaps in his skull from the reconstruction, that means no more surgeries! He is doing really well and looks great! It has been an emotional journey and scary experience for them. So, to celebrate and document him becoming one year old and staying tough and making it through all he's been through, we did a shoot with this beautiful family. In addition, we had just found out Yana, Derek + Ezra were moving away to Texas, from North Carolina, for Dereks position in the Navy. We are so happy we were able to document the love this family shares and how they are so content just being with each other.
Shot this in Greensboro, NC with a a 5d MkIII and MkII with a Canon 50 1.2 and Canon 35 1.4.
About Brett and Jessica: website | facebook | contact


Sandra Coan's Friday Favorite: Your Favorite (August)

Hello and happy Friday! I always love it when we have a "your favorites" theme!  So. Much. Great. Work!  Amazing.

On a side note, as summer is winding down, I'm finding myself with a surplus of tomatoes in the garden!  So, tonight I tried something new.  I made tomato jam... and it is fantastic!

Why am I telling you this story?  Well because I've decided that "Something New" would make a great theme for next week!

To play, just post your "something new" photo to our Facebook wall, sized no smaller that 600 pixels wide.  Can't wait!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Kim Turner Photography


Memoirs Designer


Chrissy Sandifer Photography


Brittney Davis Photography


Charlene Hardy


Chelsea Marie Photography


Nichole Reid Photography


Horse & Feather Photography

Editor, Co-Founder and Blog Writer:  Sandra Coan

Sandra Coan is an award winning family photographer based in Seattle, WA as well as the editor and co-founder of Little Bellows.  She also is a mentor and co-teacher of the Film for the Studio Photographer workshop, and is wildly passionate about film, portraits and all things pretty.

Follow Sandra and see more of her work at: Website | Facebook | Instagram


Sandra Coan's Friday Favorites: Window Light

Hello and happy Friday!  I hope you all had a fantastic week! I have to tell you, I enjoyed looking at all of the window light images sooooo much!!  Really gorgeous work!!

Next week I want to keep this light theme going, so I will be looking for "Golden Hour" submissions!  I just know these are going to be great!

To play, just post your photo to our Facebook page, sized now smaller than 600 pixels wide.

Thanks and have a great weekend!



Carrie Geddie Photography


Leslie Densford Photography


Ilikethis photography by Maggie McLendon


Rachel McCalley Photography


Meghan Boyer Photography


SummerK Photography


Colie James Photography


Holly Donovan Photo


Ginger Unzueta Photography


Naomi Liester: A Friend's Baby

I remember photographing my best friends first baby.  It's a special moment.   So amazing, and so beautifully captured by Naomi is these gorgeous photos! -Sanndra

From Naomi:

"I recently did a lifestyle newborn session with a dear friend of mine.  I just think it is so awesome to see her become a mother....she is a natural already. I could also tell they are completely smitten with their new baby boy by the looks on their faces.... I had a blast capturing them for a couple of was hard to narrow down which ones to submit.  Just wanted to share! "