Fall is in the air with Jackie Tobman Photography

The paint!  The fall colors!  The orange blanket!  I just love all the pops of color mixed in with the natural setting.  Using headlights as backlight is fantastic!  It's the perfect capture to close the scene.  Thank you for sharing, Jackie!

In Jacqueline's words:

"We wanted to capture the girls doing what they loved (painting!) which also meant something to the grown ups, as he is a tattoo artist and she is a photographer.  We went to a field near their home and the girls just had fun.  For the last shot, we were running out of light and they drove their truck down into the field and we used their headlights for some fun backlighting!"

All images on film, with Canon EOS3 or Pentax 645N.  Stock was a mix of Portra400 and HP5, and all scanned and developed by the Find Lab. 

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