An Eggspedition with Po Chi Fung Photography

That misty morning forest, the kids' curiosity, and those farm fresh eggs look so good on Acros!  I feel like I'm transported there with them.  And those black and white tones are so rich and beautiful!

In Po Chi's words:

"We got married four years ago at the Confluence Resort in West Virginia and were ecstatic to come back for vacation four years later with friends and our two crazy kids in tow, so this place is so so special to me. One morning, we took the two girls to gather eggs from the chicken coop. It was such a treat to capture their excitement and this experience because they asked about the hens and their eggs every time we walked by. I love this series because it is a slice of childhood and life that I hope they'll treasure forever - simple joys, thankfulness for the eggs that the hens are sharing with us, and being with our beloved friends."

Camera: Pentax645N
Lens: 45mm FA
Film stock: Acros 100
Location: Confluence Resort, West Virginia
Lab: the FIND Lab

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