A Night at Kiddie Park by Maria Manco Photography

When looking at Maria's photos, I could smell the popcorn and elephant ears, hear the delightful screams of kids enjoying all the rides and feel the warm setting sun on my face.  Add in the bonus of these awesome summertime colors captured on film!  I love your documentary work, Maria.

In Maria's words:

"This wasn't a planned shoot - just my own kids as we spent an evening at kiddie park.  Kiddie park is a magical place for kids aged 6 and under.  It's small (about 9 rides and mini golf) and all the rides are for pint sized people.  I have many of my own childhood memories here and its awesome to get to take my kids."

  •   Camera: Canon EOS3 and sigma 35mm art lens
  •   Film:Fuji 400h rated at 200 and then pushed +1
  •   Lab: The FIND lab

You can see more of Maria's work here:

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