This week I read an article on Upworthy about clichés. I found so many of them to apply to my approach to my business I wanted to share a few of my favorite ones with you here. 


Anytime you are stuck in a corner and you have to fight your way out, you see what you are really made of. You are forced to think of a new way to do what you may have always done. We grow, our businesses grow. 


It' so hard. I know. But why spend our energy and focus on the negative. Breathe deep, and allow yourself 1 minute to say out loud whatever it is you want to complain about, and then don't allow it to have any more of your energy. Move on. It's most likely not worth it.


Man this one is maybe the most important in our industry. We are so often worried about what others think about our work because it's so personal. It's our art, our everything sometimes. But think about why you do it. Do you do it for other people? Or do you do it because there is something inside you that has to photograph? That has to make art? Forget everyone else. Be proud and keep growing.


This is directly related to the previous cliché. If you don't want others to be negative about you or your work, you should never pass judgement on to them. Not just because it's their art they are protecting too, but because you never ever know what someone else is going through. We are all human, and your judgements will bring negativity right back to you. 


Only ever look at your old work to see how far you've come or to see your past mistakes should you need to be reminded of them once again. Looking at old work you are no longer proud of can make you feel good about your progress, but if looked at for too long, you may begin to question if you were ever any good to begin with. (I'm speaking from my own experience here!) 

newborn photograper maryland © Meghan Boyer Photography

There are 20 others in the original article I highly recommend you read. But these 5 are ones you can work on starting today. I know I'm going to.