SEO: What It Is And Why You Need To Understand It

I see posts all the time, almost daily, in FB groups asking about SEO. How do I get my SEO better? My SEO dropped how do I fix it quickly? I switched sites and now no one is finding me on google! Here's a breakdown of what SEO actually is, and why it's essential.

So. What is SEO. I'll completely admit right now that up until 2 years ago, I didn't REALLY understand what the heck it was. I know it meant Search Engine Optimization, but those were just words to me, I didn't really get it and I've had my website running for nearly 7 years.

SEO is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.

Simple right? 

So now that we know what the heck it literally means, how do we actually use SEO on our sites? First look at your main site description. The meta description should be 150-160 characters long. That's the amount of space google gives you before the ... at the end of the blurb. You want to use keywords in this section as well as your location. Be brief and specific.


Next check out your page title. Your main site title should be under 70 characters. That's how much space google and other search engines give you for the main title of your page.  You'll want the most important keywords here along with the name of your business.

Google Analytics

Every website needs google analytics. It's an amazing tool that does everything for you. It tracks your clicks, your referrals, your traffic on your site, how long someone stays on your site and what pages they visit, the keywords that people use to find you, and your rank in a google serach for those keywords. There is so much more too. How familiar are you with your own google analytics?

If you don't have an analytics code for your site, do that right now. First thing. Go here and set that up. THEN go to your website and input it so google can start working for you today. It's easy to find where it goes. Look under your settings and analytics or SEO and you'll find it. 

Without some SEO work, your site will not be seen as much as you want it to. And if people can't find you, they aren't going to hire you. It's not always the most fun thing to learn, but it's essential. 

With so many photographers out there, you have to work a little harder on the behind the scenes stuff. Everyone's work is beautiful, and sometimes it can be hard to set yourself apart with just work alone. You have to be busy on the back end to make sure your work is seen before others. Get out there and get in front of more potential clients. 

This will be a regular topic going forward, with tips and things to do to get your site's SEO working for you. In addition, I have a PDF coming that will be much more thorough in explaining the steps you can take for your SEO. Check out the details here and enjoy the pre-sale price. It's set to be released mid-July!


Before the next SEO post in a few weeks, your homework is to make sure you have google analytics set up on your website. I'm willing to bet you do, so go in and check it, read through the numbers and start to gain an understanding of what those charts really mean. Don't be overwhelmed. Just look at it. It's just the beginning.