Mini Session Inspiration by Lexi Vornberg Photography

I love how Lexi Vornberg, when feeling burnt out, opts to challenge herself creatively by getting out of her comfort zone, a practice that will always push us.  Beautiful images, Lexi!

In Lexi's words: 

"As an artist we all hit a point to where we feel burned out or un-inspired.  I was stuck in that rut for the longest time and I can actually thank film for helping to re-inspire me.  In an effort to not lose my passion and love for film I always set up mini shoots for myself to capture what I love and what I see, without the client stress involved.  Lindsay was kind enough to let me capture her and her sweet daughter Ru last summer during one of these personal shoots for myself.  In an effort to push myself during each of these shoots I try to pick one detail that puts me out of my comfort zone.  And in this case it was an urban setting with window light and tight space.  Being an outdoorsy nature loving photographer, this location surely was a challenge and change for me.  But like all challenges it helped me grow and allowed me to capture so many beautiful images."

Ciny, Oh

Canon EOS 1v


Portra 400


You can see more of Lexi's work here:

website | facebook | instagram

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