Need a Grown-Up Summer Camp? Let Me Help!

Summertime is here.  The days are long.  It's getting warm.  One of my kids is already out of school, the other will be soon. 

Over the past several weeks I have been doing what I'm pretty sure all working parents do this time of year, researching summer camps.  Lego Robotics Camp, Coding Camp, Exploring Urban Nature Camp (yes, thats a real thing).  Activities that are fun and educational and that will occupy both of my twins over the next two months.

As I was doing all of this research, I started thinking.... why aren't there summer camps for grown ups?!  Sure, it's a little harder for us.  We need to work and parent, and that takes up a lot of the day.  But still, wouldn't it be fun to learn something new? 

What are you doing this summer just for you?  Do you have any "summer camps" scheduled? Anything that will help you grow as a photographer?  

If not, I'd love to make a suggestion:  

This summer, I will be teaching an on-line film class through Click Photo School

In this course you will learn everything you need to know about getting started with film, including:

  •  How color and black and white film stocks differ from each other and from digital sensors.
  • About the incredible latitude of film and what that means for you as an artist.
  • How to “rate” and meter your film in a variety of lighting situations for best results and a desired look.
  • How to push your film for artistic flare and...
  • How to communicate with your lab, so that you get perfect scans every time.

By the time this class is done, you’ll be shooting film with confidence.

And... We'll be working with the amazing Richard Photo Lab!  It's going to be great!

For detailed information on the workshop and on how to sign up, follow the link below.

P.S.  I'm also speaking at Click Away: Seattle in October!  Would love to see you there!


Sandra Coan, Little Bellows: Beginner Film Photography Class