Want the Most Bang For Your Marketing Buck? Do This!

There is no denying that Social Media marketing is important.  We all know it.  That is part of the reason we get so caught up in growing our following. 

It used to be all about how many Facebook followers you had.  Then Facebook changed it's algorithms, and suddenly those numbers didn't mean as much.  

Then it became all about Instagram.  But now Instagram is changing as well.  And I predict it will soon be harder and harder to get your photos (marketing) in front of your followers.

So what's next?  Snap Chat?  Periscope?  Some platform that I'm too old to even know about?

Maybe.  But what if I told you that those numbers don't matter as much as you think they do.  What you really should be focused on in growing your newsletter list.

Your list, not the size or your social media following, is the most valuable thing you’ve got going for you when running your own business.

Here’s why…

You may have 1,000 followers on Facebook, but Facebook controls who sees your photos, posts and updates, not you and not your clients.

In 2012, the average organic reach on Facebook was about 16% (according to Facebook).   Now that average is much less (around  5%), unless you choose to “boost” a post.   And the rules are changing all the time.

Your list, however, is completely controlled by you.

If you have 1,000 people on your list, then you can send an email to each and everyone of those people, and they can choose to read it or not, not the social media overlords!

The industry average open rate for newsletters (according to Mail Chimp) is 17.8%  But if you send good content that you know your people want to see, you can raise that rate considerably!   The average open rate on my newsletter list for example is 42%.

Much better numbers!

The moral of the story is, if you want the most bang for your marketing buck, grow your list.  To find out how to get started, watch the video below!

As promised, here is a list of possible newsletter topics:

  • updates on sales and special events
  • how to prepare for a maternity, newborn or family session
  • a link to your Pinterest style board with outfit ideas
  • a list of the best locations for family photos in your town
  • a monthly or bi-monthy digest of your favorite images
  • updates on special projects or personal work
  • a simple "thank you for being my client" (this is nice around the Holidays)
  • a reminder to book before the busy season starts
  • Holiday dead lines

Now, using this list as inspirations, make your own list, and start a regular correspondence with your clients!  They want to hear from you!!

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- Sandra

Sandra Coan: Little Beloows