Location Scout with Erin Neace of Lux Senior Photography

I think Erin Neace found a fabulous location to shoot senior portraits! I love everything about these.  The skin tones, red lipstick, and outfit makes this senior pop against the industrial backdrops.  And don't get me started on that black and white wall. 

Here is more from Erin:

"This "session" was not a paid shoot, but a location/light testing session that I shot with one of my senior models in order to see if this was a location I could reasonably shoot an entire senior session. I think that it turned out very well and I can definitely use it as a reliable location! I shot both film and digital, and these film shots really thrilled me!

The editing I did was very minimal, just correcting skintones on a few that seemed more red (I think because of the Noritsu scanner but not sure) and straightening lines, as well as converting a few to black and white. I love how easy film is. No hours of editing like digital RAW files.

My senior model, Emma, loved the film images. I had explained to her during the shoot about why I was shooting film and digital and told her all of the things I love about film. She was excited to see what the scans looked like after they came back, and texted me telling me how much she specifically loved the film images after I sent her a gallery link... Her mom's family is from Iceland, and who knows, maybe I can use her as a model in Iceland some day and shoot some more film!"


See more of Erin's work here:

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