A Little Break on Lopez Island, WA

Lopez Island is the largest island in the San Juans, located northwest of Washington's mainland, and ironically, northeast of Vancouver Island, Canada.  It's known for its gentle rolling hills and open fields, making it a popular destination for bike riders who tour around all the islands.  

We got to spend spring break here with friends in a quaint little cabin free of wifi and cellular access.  This seems alarming to many at first, but I can assure you, after you're out of range the first day or two, your whole body will relax and your mind will clear of your to-do list to instead focus on the beauty around you.  This serene countryside is an hour and a half drive north from Seattle to Anacortes, followed by an hour ferry-ride.

We spent our week visiting many beaches and inspecting tide pools, collecting sea glass, riding bikes, going on walks, hiking to a secret mountaintop rope swing, and just hanging out at the cabin.  It was the perfect antidote to the busy life we lead.

I brought my Pentax 645n and Canon 1V cameras, equipped with Kodak Tri-x and Fuji 400h.  I've been shooting all our personal vacations on film for the past year and love it.  I see the shot, take the shot, then set my camera down and enjoy time with my family.  Now that many of you are starting your summer vacations, I challenge you to shoot more film and let me know if it frees up your time as well. :)

You can see even more photos from our trip here.