What's On Your Site?

When is the last time you looked at your website? I mean REALLY looked at it? As in went through each public page with a fine tooth comb looking for typos, ill fitting photos, or anything that just doesn't fit your brand any more?

This is something you need to be doing. And doing it often. 

It's easy to forget our website's importance. Most of our time online is probably spent on social media be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We often see those platforms as the most important web presence. While they hold their own importance, your website is your BOOM factor. It's your complete presence in one place. No distractions from hashtags, ads, or any other posts from random people about this crazy political season. 

Go through every page on your site. And spend a LOT of time on that first page. What does that home page say about you as a brand? Is it relaying the message you want? Is there anyone you can ask to review your site for you and give feedback? Maybe even a past trusted client? Or other photographer? 

The most important thing to figure out is what your website says about you. Is it saying what you want it to? Are you getting site traffic but not many inquiries? Then there is a disconnect somewhere and your site is where to look first. 

maryland family photographer © Meghan Boyer Photography

If you're struggling with your site, that's something a mentor can do for you. They can get you on track and help find the blocks that might be hard for you to see yourself. Both Sandra and I offer mentoring, and you can find more information here