A Day in the Life of a Momtographer by Melissa Pointer

Last month, Meghan, Joyce and I shared a day in our crazy lives with all of you.  We thought it would be a fun way to show that we all live a version of the same story.  Many of you responded with kind word and stories of your own.

Melissa Pointer, inspired by our stories, wrote this piece for her own blog and now, is kindly allowing us to share it with all of you.


From Melissa:

Little Bellows

I was inspired by a few ladies in a film group that I belong to on Facebook to jot down a day in my life as a stay-at- home Mom and business owner. Little did I know last week that the day I chose to do this would be a whopper, I seriously considered trashing the whole idea, but then I wanted other Moms out there to know that it isn't just them... we all have days that we later look back and laugh at but at the time we're going through it you just think, "What the hell else is going to happen today?"

A little bit about our family: I am a Mom to four, my two step-sons are grown (the oldest is married with a little guy of their own) and I have a 4 year old son and a 1 year old daughter. My 4 year old, Eric, has Autism and also has delayed speech. He goes to Speech twice a week for an hour while his sister, Amelia (Ellie) and I run errands. My husband is a U.S. History teacher at our local middle school. We've been married almost 6 years.

5:00 am- Amelia wakes up and I search for her binky; my husband brings her a bottle and both of us cuddle up and go back to sleep.

7:30am- Ellie is awake and my hubby comes in to kiss us goodbye. I get up, change her diaper, make her a bottle and get a cup of coffee for myself.

8:00am- check email, check the weather forecast for the weekend- I've already had to reschedule Sunday's family session due to unexpected (but much needed) rain. Saturday is still iffy for my Senior session. Let the dogs out, let the dogs in, lose my coffee, find my coffee, police after Amelia (she's getting into everything these days) More coffee; Start bread by "proofing" the yeast (Eric is an extremely picky eater, so I bake my own bread every week). Feed the animals; watch Ellie as she attempts more steps (she is just starting to walk); attempt to empty the dishwasher without her "help"; What's that smell???? Clean Ellie up and let her loose again.

9:00am- Laundry and Hulu. Time to conquer the growing heap of clean clothes in the laundry basket.that needs to be folded. Add the other ingredients to the yeast and start up my Kitchen-Aid to do the heavy mixing. Eric wakes up and wanders in, he points to my tablet and I tell him "Ok" (it's not a school day, so he gets to play). Time to make breakfast for the kiddos and I can finally empty the dishwasher while Ellie is in "baby jail" (her highchair). Clean up the after the kids are finished eating... Good grief, it's nearly 10am! Back to the laundry.

10:40am- I'm dressed before noon (hooray). The bread dough has risen and I need to separate it into loaf pans.

11:00am- Put Amelia in the tub and contemplate blog and IG posts. She's having fun playing in the tub so I decide to use the time to clean up in the bathroom (scrub the sink and toilet). The dogs (we have 3) start barking so I grab a towel and get Ellie out of the tub. I walk to the front door where the door is wide open, there is a guy with a surprised look on his face, and my 4 year old is toddling down the walkway after his dogs. My.  heart. stops. Two of the three dogs come back when called, but my Lulu is a runner and takes full advantage of the chaos. I grab Eric and get him back inside. The solar installer goes after Lulu and I'm holding a wet crying child. I grab my phone and call my husband and luckily its lunchtime so he heads to the park (where the installer last saw her headed). Meanwhile, the out of breath installer jumps in his truck to track her down. I am on the phone five minutes later with my husband when the installer's truck pulls up with my bad girl, Lulu and a very tired installer. I talk to Eric and tell him that he is NEVER to open the door without me with him. That he should always come and get me. He starts to cry, I'm already crying, I tell him how much I love him and that I don't want anything bad to ever happen to him or his sister so he needs to understand to never open the front door without Mom or Dad there.

little bellows

12:45pm-The bread is in the oven and I am seriously contemplating having a beer after all the drama. Decide to wait until later and have one with the hubby... a girl scout cookie will make me feel better for now.

1:05pm- Ellie is finally down for a nap. I could edit sessions or plant the seeds I'd planned on planting before the day got interesting. The bread is out of the oven and cooling. I decide to go outside and enjoy a little bit of quiet time. The window to Eric's room is open so I can hear Eric watching videos on my tablet. Because he slept in this morning, I know my chance of him taking a nap is next to zero.

2:00pm- Go back inside, Eric has noticed the fresh bread and wants a slice. I take care of him and then head to the office to work on editing last weekend's sessions. I ponder some IG shares and deal with my demanding little guy.

3:20pm- The baby is awake. I post some pictures to IG and then take the kids outside to play until their Dad gets home.

5:45pm- Woohoo! Hubby's home! I warm up leftovers for dinner and then it's family time until bed.

7:00pm- Check emails and Facebook on my phone. It's been a long day and my wonderful husband says I deserve a drink. We watch an episode or two of Battlestar Galactica on Hulu (yes, we are nerds) and then it's an early night for everyone. All of us are in bed by 9:15pm. I seriously hope that tomorrow is a much more boring day!