Stop Thinking About How Hard It Is

Don’t waste your time wondering when you’ll get noticed and when will it get easier and when will you have to stop hustling and why haven’t you become famous yet and why isn’t everyone booking you??

These questions are a cement weight around your neck that will drown you in self-importance and some idea that things should be different than they are right now.

Get up.

Be grateful.

Love Life.

Help others.

Oh yeah, always be the hardest working person in the room.

The number one thing I see lacking in photographers (and florists and wedding planners and stylists and the world) when they start their businesses is patience. Sure, it could be “know-how”—but that’s easy to figure out (find the people who are where you want to be and hire them like crazy to show you how they got there). Sure, it could be life and work balance (I am not sure this exists, except where exercise is involved, for the love of God, please exercise and get away from your desk each day). But, it is truly not all the things we think that it is.

It is patience, grasshopper.

It is picking up your camera everyday and creating something. It is thinking outside the box—again and again and again (or even inside the box, or blowing the box up or what have you) with out any expectation of grand applause or 1,000 likes. Those likes will come one day, probably farther away than you think. You are going to log so many hours creating shoots, posting your glorious work online, blogging, snapchating, periscoping, facebooking, working, hustling, and more.

That is ok!

That’s what owning your own business in this media landscape looks like.

Somehow, with the Kardashian mentality of today’s society, we think we should all be superstars without really putting in our 10,000 hours. And the truth is, we shouldn’t be. Not being a superstar is the best way to keep that hunger alive. Not being a superstar keeps us on our toes with constant drive and innovative.

Protect yourself from these hamster wheels of death type thoughts. Kill them dead in your mind. Do not entertain them, even for a few minutes. Kick them out of your head. Remind yourself, again and again that gratitude creates a life worth living. We are creative. We are naturally hard on ourselves, but we need to stop it. Now. No more.

Commit to it.

Take your photos. Post your photos. Be good to people. Add value. Repeat.

That’s it.

Keep doing that and you, dear grasshopper, are going to make it. Big time.

In the words of one of my inspiration heroes, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson ,“We get knocked down, get back up, and chase our greatness even stronger.” 

D'Arcy Benincosa on Little Bellows

D'Arcy Benincosa is founder of The Path Workshops taking place in Salt Lake City and Paris in 2016. For more information on the workshops, look here: