Lalee Photography : Indoor Maternity Session

Lauri Tripaldi of Lalee Photography caught my attention with this quiet and intimate family maternity session.  I love her use of the large window as an architectural element and for creating a variety of interesting lighting scenarios, like the light reflected on mom's face on the opposite wall.  It adds a bit of mystery and drama to a beautiful, contemplative pose.  Well done, Lauri!

Lauri shares a little bit about this session:

"There's nothing like completely gutting and renovating a home built in the 1870's when you are expecting baby #2! That's what these guys did and the finished results are gorgeous even if the process was a little stressful. At the time of the session we knew we wanted to shoot in their new house but it was still in the process of being renovated, they hadn't moved in yet and there was zero furniture. So I suggested we just bring some blankets and take advantage of the open space. You would never know by looking at the photos but there were workers painting behind us the entire time! It was fun to get creative and try to find some little nooks in their new home to shoot in, plus the light was just lovely."  The color images are Portra 800 shot with her Mamiya 645 pro TL, State Film Lab; and BW are Delta 400 shot with her Canon EOS-3, Indie Film Lab.

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