Creating your Own Light, with Leanne Vice

My favorite thing about teaching is watching the people I've worked with take the information I've shared and run with it.  Photographer Leanne Vice has done just that.  The images she is creating with strobes after taking The Missing Link online workshop are just blowing me away!

Here is what Leanne has to say about it all:

"This shoot was on location at the family's apartment.

Baby Jackson's momma had a bit of a rough c-section experience and they live about 30 minutes away, so I wanted to save her the car ride and make this session as relaxing as possible. I had been to their apartment before and knew that we would be working with tight spaces and not a whole lot of available light, but luckily I had recently gotten your guide and I felt super prepared to handle it!

I have been trying to learn strobes for the past year and have purchased two other online workshops with videos, and while they were informative I sometimes had a bit of information overload and I could never make my images look very good. They always felt too "flashy" and harsh which, I think also had a lot to do with shooting digital.

For me, using strobes with film was the key to having my artificially lit images look good and The Missing Link helped me learn how to do it. The metering portion of The Missing Link was particularly helpful. It's awesome because now I feel like I have a formula to consistently get the shots I want, which is something I always felt like I was missing. 

I feel like a whole new world of possibilities has opened up now that I have a "portable window" and I find myself being more mindful of direction and quality of light in all lighting situations since purchasing the guide. So...thank you!!"

Are you interested in learning more about shooting film with strobes?  If so, I have TWO great ways for you to learn.  You can sign up for The Missing Link and learn the basics for getting started with strobes from the comfort of your own home, OR, you can come join me and Meghan Boyer in Portland, OR for our 3 day film retreat and learn all about film and strobes (and MUCH more).

Happy shooting!