Gear I use to shoot my everyday on film

I have been asked on numerous occasions on how I capture my everyday's fleeting moments on film.  So I thought what else is better than open up my handbag and show you exactly what is inside!

First and foremost, I never leave home without a camera.  It can be a film camera in any format or/and a digital camera.  Yes, you read it correctly....OR / AND a digital camera.  When I travel with my family and know it will be  a great photo opportunity, I love to hand off my Fuji XE-2 to my hubby or my kids so they can capture ME as well.

I try my best not to load myself down with bunch of camera gear.  Simplicity is the key to success of shooting my everyday.  In limiting the amount of gear, I learn how to maximize the gear and film combination that I have with me.   

So here are what I normally carry with me in my bag AT ALL TIMES: 

My six must-have gear that I NEVER leave home without:

  • One camera with one lens
  • a variety of film stocks
  • handheld light meter
  • gray card (just in case i have to shoot in tricky light)
  • extra batteries
  • pens and permanent markers

Often when I choose to bring a 35mm film camera, I will also throw in my Fuji XE2 so my kids can also capture ME with them:

Documenting your daily life doesn't require 3 different lenses.  Choose an one camera and one lens combo that you feel most at ease with.  Always remember to enjoy your family time together.  Don't have your camera up to your face the entire time when you are out picking strawberries!  Shoot a few frames then put the camera down.  Have fun making memories with your family!