The Importance of Follow Up

Sandra Coan, newborn photography, Little Bellows

One of the things I teach when mentoring is the importance of good communication and follow up.

I always say, reach out to your clients. Show them what you can do for them with your images.  Tell them what you have to offer with an effective website and a solid email marketing campaign.

 And follow up!  

Got and inquiry that you never heard back from?  Follow up.

A call that you returned, but only got their voicemail?  Follow up.

You have something to offer.  

Your clients want to hear from you.  

Don't be embarrassed, or shy.  Tell the world "I'm really good at my job and I want to share my gift with you"

I believe in it and I like to practice what I preach, so here it is.

My follow up.

Sandra Coan studio lights and film, Little Bellows

A couple of weeks ago, Meghan Boyer and I announced our Little Bellows Film Retreat, a two and a half day film and business get-a-way at the beautiful Edgfield winery in Portland, OR.  

This is truly a workshop like no other, specifically designed for family photographers who specialize in film.

Whether you shoot in a studio or in client's homes, you will leave with a firm understanding of how to handle any lighting situation, how to use artificial light for that extra boost when you need it, and what film stocks will work best for your desired look and feel.

You will also learn to establish your brand, set yourself apart from your competitors, create a workflow that will save you time and money, and what you need to know to create a business that feeds your soul (and your family)

As an added bonus, each attendee will get a 30 minute mentoring session with either Sandra or Meghan to get in depth with your specific needs.

This retreat is designed to ignite your creativity, strengthen your business, and revive your passion.

Click here for all of the details and to register.

See you in the spring!