A Day in the Life of a Mompreneur

Monday was a hard day.

Both boys were home from school (President’s Day) and one had the stomach flu.  I spent the day doing what many of us do every day.  Being a mom while running a business.

I’m a photographer, an entrepreneur, a blogger, and a teacher.  

I’m also a mom, a wife, a carpool driver, a field trip volunteer, a grocery shopper, a dinner maker, and, on the day I wrote this, a Tylenol giver and barf cleaner upper… the list could go on and on.

Everyday is hectic.  And crazy.  And wonderful, in it’s own way. 

But whatever is going on in my personal life, I still have work to do.  I still have a business to run. And I am still responsible for bringing home a pay check.

Raise your hand if you can relate?

This was my Monday.


My son Dexter comes into my bedroom to tell me that he’s thrown up in his bed.  My husband (bless his heart) gets out of bed to go clean up the barf, while I take Dexter’s temperate (103) and give him some Tylenol.

I then get him situated on the couch with his Kindle, Harry Potter (book six) on Audible, and a bucket incase he needs to puke again.  

I pour myself a cup of coffee, and get to emailing.  

When I open my computer however, Facebook pops up, which reminds me that I need to link today’s Little Bellows’ post to the Facebook page.

Then I get distracted by reading my news feed and send a few funny barf related GIFs to my friend Meghan Boyer.  We “lol”.


I pour myself another cup of coffee and say good-bye to my husband as he leaves for work.

I attempt to get serious about answering email, but get distracted by my son Harvey who I catch trying to sneak Valentine’s Day candy into his cereal bowl… again.  I tell Harvey to knock it off, and let the dog out to pee.  


Just as I sit down to write email, the dog starts barking at the back door, so I get up and let her in.  

Then decide to make us all some breakfast.  

Today is President’s Day, which means both kids are out of school.  But because one is sick, we really can’t go do anything.  

Plus, it’s raining.  

So while making breakfast, I think about things I can do with the boys to keep them busy for the day.  

Then I eat and putz around for a bit, checking in on both boys from time to time, and yes, reading Facebook.


Before I know it it’s 9:30 and time for my weekly planning meeting with Meghan.

Meghan and I talk, work on our upcoming Film Retreat, and come up with some (awesome) ideas for the blog.

While on the phone I tell Harvey to stop trying to eat fist fulls of candy, check in on Dexter (who is now asleep on the couch), let the dog out again, set up the Wii, so Harvey can work on his bowling skills, and pour myself another coffee.  

I also listen to Meghan tell her kids that she’s on the phone working, and to go ask their daddy for help.  

We confide in each other that we still have not showered and are still in bathrobes, but we’re actually getting good work done, so the morning feels like a win.


I get off the phone with Meghan and go play a few games of Wii bowling with Harvey.  I win most of them. (I’ve got mad Wii skills)

11:15ish am  

Exchange a few more funny GIFs with Meghan and get to work on email (finally)

Three emails in, I’m asked to play another game of Wii bowling with Harvey.  He wins this time.

Back to email.


Finally finished with email.  Woohoo!  But I still have not showered.

I make lunch for the boys and myself (making sure Dexter has his puke bucket just incase lunch makes him throw up again).

I also take the bedding that my husband put in the washing machine this morning out of the washing machine and into the dryer.

Time to start working on this blog post and a few others.  

Meghan and I came up with a ton of great ideas, and I’m actually feeling inspired to write.  So I pour myself yet another cup of coffee (number four) and get to it.  

Things are going well until I’m interrupted by Harvey asking for some candy.  I tell him no, again.

Get back to writing.

Then I’m interrupted by Dexter, who is feeling better and wants me to play Wii Bowling with him as well.

I play three games of Wii Bowling.  Dexter wins all three.  And I’m ashamed to say that I worked up a sweat, and will most likely be sore in the morning.  

I then make mental note to workout more and go check in on my email. 

One of the inquiries I wrote to this morning has written back and booked a session.  Woohoo!!

I go back to blogging and make some progress, but I’m starting to feel gross.


Time to take shower and get dressed for the day after a quick snuggle with Dexter who has decided to head back to the couch.  

His fever is back.  Poor guy.


Harvey has gone next door to play and Dexter is napping.  I’m showered and dressed.  

Time to get to work!

I finish up two blog posts, which means, that in the past two days, I’ve culled, formatted, written and scheduled 7 blog posts (not counting this one).  

My Sandra Coan Photography blog is good to go for the next seven weeks.  

I'm feeling like a rock star.


Time to start thinking about dinner.  

My husband and I are in the middle of Whole 30, which means I will have to go to the store to get ingredients to make dinner (no ordering Pizza tonight).  

It's a little stressful, because Dexter is sick, but I can't leave him home alone.  He hasn’t thrown up since this morning, and his temp is down,  so I decided to risk it and we all go to the store.  

While at the store I run into about million people I know from school, including Harvey’s teacher.  I’m super glad I showered, but wish I’d put on some make-up.


Get boys watching a movie.  Unpack groceries and then decide to gather my notes from the day, lie on the couch and work on this blog post.  I also read a bit of Facebook because I’m tired and it feels good just to space out.

Then I choose which photo to post to Instagram and email it to myself.


Start making dinner.


My husband is home from work and sets the table.

I post my image to Instagram (I have found that I get the most engagement when I post in the evening, so I always post just before we eat dinner)

We eat dinner.

Harvey complains about the meal (because all he want to eat is pasta.  Every. Single. Day) and Dexter decides that all he wants is a piece of toast. 

6:30 pm

Usually our after dinner routine is clean up, take baths and do some reading.  Tonight however we opt for a family movie night, and watch Harry Potter (both boys are REALLY into Harry Potter at the moment)

I’ve forgotten how fun this movie is.


Boys to bed.  

My husband and I head to the TV room to watch the X-Files.   While watching, I cull and edit some scans that came in last week and upload them to Instaproofs.

I also chat a bit with Meghan on Facebook.  We both agree that Sue Bryce is AMAZING and we want to be just like her!  

(Seriously… she’s a genius!)


Go to bed… hoping that Dexter makes it through the night without and puking.

Tomorrow is a new day!

To all you Mompreneurs out there, what we do is not easy.  

Running a business is HARD.  

Being a mom is HARD.  

So, basically, we're all rockstars.