Little Bellows Film Retreat Q & A

Little Bellows Film Retreat

Hey friends!  

Last week we announced the the dates for our first ever Little Bellows Film Retreat!  

Since opening registration, we’ve been receiving a ton of questions, so I thought I’d take a few moments today to answer a few.

Here we go…

Q: I’m working on arranging flights, what time do I need to be there on Monday and what time will we wrap things up on Thursday?

A:  We understand that a lot of people will be traveling to Portland for the retreat. 

We’ve planned Monday as a travel day, and have nothing formal planned.  However, we will have an informal cocktail gathering on Monday evening around 7:00pm. 

The workshop will start at 9:00am on Tuesday May 24th, and we will wrap things up around 1:00 on Thursday, so you can easily get a late afternoon flight home.



Q: I know that both Sandra and Meghan are studio photographers.  I don’t have a studio, but I do shoot a lot indoors with my kids and with my clients.  Is this a studio workshop?  I just want to make sure it’s a good fit for me.

A: This workshop is perfect fit for you!!!  We will be teaching techniques for working with indoor window light, outdoor light, and using strobes and speed lights, for those times when you need a little bit extra.  

Our goal is that you leave feeling confident about shooting film in all kinds of light, under all kinds of circumstances. 

Where ever you work, we want you to know how to use the right light, the right film in the right situation to create the look you want.

Q: I’ve noticed that both Sandra and Meghan talk a lot about business and marketing on Little Bellows.  So my question is, is this a film retreat or a business retreat.

A:  It’s both.

Meghan and I are passionate film photographers and are super excited to teach you everything we know about that.  But we are also passionate about running successful and profitable businesses and want to empower you to do that same.

The truth is, shooting film is expensive.  You need to have a strong business model in place is you are going to make it work for your business.  We also believe that shooting film is an amazing way to strengthen your brand and set yourself apart from your competition.  We want to show you how.

Q: Is there still room?

A: Yes!  We still have some openings!  So what are you waiting for? Follow this link to sign up today!