Studio Lighting For Film Photographers

Almost every single photo I take these days was captured on film, using strobes.  

When I started using studio lighting several years ago, it was really just a way to make it through the dark days of winter.  Now I use them all the time.  

Studio lighting has allowed me to shoot film all year long.  It has given consistency to my work, helped me define my style and build my brand.  I couldn't do what I do without it!

I'm often asked how I set up my strobes during newborn shoots.  So at my newborn session this morning, I decided to step back and snap a quick photo of my set up.

This is my typical set up for photographing newborns and toddlers on my white bed.

I have my strobe (an Alien Bee 1600) and light modifier (a 5 foot Photoflex Octodome) set at 45 degrees to my subject.  This is a digital capture, but I did photograph the baby on film and my settings were ISO 400 (I shoot Fuji 400h film) at f2.8 1/60

Sandra Coan, Studio Lighting for Film Photographers

Please let me know if you have any questions about shooting film with studio lighting.


have a wonderful day!