Justine Knight | Artist Spotlight with Joyce Kang

Today, I am sitting down with Justine Knight over a cup of "cyber coffee" and chit-chat about her love for film photography.   Her use negative space to tell a story is flawless.  I have enjoyed helping Jusinte get started on film, and now I am equally excited to introduce you to her work. You can see more of Justine's work and follow her: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Joyce: So first, tell us how you started your photography journey. How did you get into photography?

Justine: I have always enjoyed taking photos but the real obsession started when my friend and I took an online course for taking better pictures of your kids. This was in 2011 and I have been hooked ever since!!

Joyce: What do you love about being a photographer?

Justine:  For me photography is both a way of capturing memories and an artistic outlet.

Joyce: Let's talk about how you got started on film. You have not always shot film; so what was the "game changer" for you? What was it about film that seems much more attractive to shoot than digital?

Justine: I started playing around with film in 2013 but not really knowing what I was doing. I love black and white photography and thought that film might be an fun way to play with black and white. What's interesting to me is that the more I know and learn about film, the more I am loving color film photography!

The game changer was the lack of editing. I loathe editing and suddenly this whole new world of photography opened up to me that allowed me to just focus on the actual photography rather than learning how to edit and then spend time in front of the computer.

The Embrace the Grain workshop was then another game changer as I really started feeling confident with using a film camera regularly instead of my digital camera. I now only take film on vacations and love it.

Joyce: I love your work! You have a very distinctive style and your use of negative space in your personal work. Do you currently have a personal project that you would like to share with our fans? If you have personal project, why do you think it is important?

Justine: I have lots of ideas for personal projects but am yet to find one that I can stick to. I think my goal for 2016 might be one where I try a sort of 365 project just with black and white film that I develop and scan myself.

I think personal projects are super important. It helps define you as a photographer and hopefully encourages you to try new and creative ideas.

Joyce: I visited your website when I was "researching" for this interview. Love your portfolio by the way! Are you currently incorporating film in your client? Why, or why not? Do you think film will change the way you approach a client session different than your own personal work?

Justine: I have started shooting a roll here and there at client sessions. It has been more nerve wracking than I thought trying to juggle all the cameras and waiting for the scans to come back. But once the scans have come back, I have LOVED the images and the clients do as well.

At the moment, I am a digital client shooter but hopefully I can change my business model to allow more film.

Joyce: What are some of your favorite photographers? What/Where/Who do you look to for inspirations and ideas?

Justine: I have many but to name 2 - I love both Jonathan Canlas's work and philosophy to photography. Wendy Laurel is amazing in her ability to clearly define her style.

Instagram is really the one place I look for inspiration - I love following so many film and digital photographers from all genres. I find the feeds from the film labs to be a source of amazing work.

I have an awesome group of photographers that are fabulous for bouncing ideas and thoughts off. My local photographer friends are also an amazing support network.

Joyce: If you can give one advice you wish you had known when you first started out shooting film, what would it be and why?

Justine: Overexposing and what it really means. When you start out you think you are overexposing but you are not really :)

Joyce: I am curious, and I am sure our fans are too:

a. What is your favorite film camera for client work and for personal work, and why? Nikon F100 for personal work and Pentax 645n for client. I adore my f100 - its small, awesome and reliable. I am still growing to love my Pentax :)

b. What is your favorite film stock and why? Portra 400 - it just works for me.

c. What is one gear you can't live without when you go on a shoot? Nikon F100

d. If you can give one advice to any photographer who wants dip his/her toes in the realm of film photography, what would it be?  Just do it!

who are your favorite artists on your playlist right now?

Anyone in the Top 40

"I wish my kids would hurry up and go to bed so I can watch...."


A quote you live by:

every accomplishment starts with a decision to try

What is the most exotic place you have ever been?

I can't list just one - South Africa, Venezuela, New Zealand, Norway ...

Your favorite hobby other than photography:


Airplane, Train or Automobile?


Wine, Champagne or Beer?


Two truths and a lie, go! (in any order)

I am Australian, a crossfit addict and never eat the candy from my kids halloween baskets