Our 5 Favorite Holiday Cocktails!

Tis' the season!  Time for holiday parties and Christmas cheer!  Are you planning any festive events this week?  If so, we want to help.

 Today, Meghan and I are sharing some of our favorite holiday cocktails.  We hope you enjoy!


Perhaps my most favorite holiday cocktail is this cranberry margarita.  
For starters, it's beautiful.  And with all of those fresh cranberries, it's practically health food. 
It's also super easy to make in large batches, making it the perfect signature cocktail for your party.

Cranberry Margarita by Sandra Coan on Little Bellows

Cheater eggnog!  Sign me up!  
I love this recipe over ice, but have also had it steamed and served with a dash of cinnamon on top!  
Either way is delicious and festive!

Eggnog by Sandra Coan on Little Bellows (image shot on film)

No holiday party is complete without a classic martini.  
Elegant and tasty!  I always feel fancy when drinking one of these.

Classic Martini by Sandra Coan on Little Bellows

What's a holiday celebration without bubbly? And since it's citrus season, blood oranges are so easy to find and have amazing flavor. I get tired of regular old mimosas (ok, i could still drink them all day long), and it's good to change things up. Try these Blood Orange Mimosas. The touch or triple sec really brings out the flavor.

I don't know about you, but Christmas Brunch is a favorite of mine. Anytime I can eat breakfast food throughout the day works for me! And I can't think about brunch without Bloody Mary's. Here in Maryland, adding Old Bay crab seasoning is a must. And here's a tip, you can find a good bloody mary mix like Zing Zang (THE best) and save yourself a few minutes. You can also add other things as you like like pickles or olives. I like a more traditional bloody myself, but you can't go wrong adding more things to your taste. Also, use citron vodka or pepper vodka for extra flavor!

Well hopefully this can get you off to a nice jolly start to Christmas week!