Welcome Back!

Hey there!

Welcome to the new and improved Little Bellows!  

I'm so excited about the changes we've made and can not wait to tell you all about them!

I've been writing this blog for almost four years now. When it first launched, back in 2012, the goal was to have a place that celebrated portrait photography and featured the amazing artist who create in this field.  

But over the years, as my own work changed, my vision for Little Bellows began to change as well.  

Last January, I announced that we were moving to an all film platform.  That move was initiated by the direction I was going in my own work.  I love film and really wanted to show that it is a medium that is for everyone, not just wedding photographers working in sunny fields!

As I began to move down that path, I realized that I wanted Little Bellows to be more than just a place to share and view work.  I wanted it to be a place that inspired, and taught, and challenged people.  I wanted more than just a blog.  I wanted a community.

And so thats where we're going!

The new Little Bellows is all about learning, growing and being inspired.  

We will continue to feature artist who are amazing at their craft, but we are also expanding on what we've been doing to teach others about shooting film (for fun and for business).

We will be adding new categories like travel photography, as well as home and design.  And we are creating move opportunities for special features, like choosing a new photo once a month for our landing page and a regular Artist Spotlight section.

I can't wait!

Please take a moment to click through the site.  Check out the different categories. Visit our contributors page.  And please, please, please leave a comment and let me know what you think! We've been working hard over here and would love to hear your thoughts!

All the best,

Sandra Coan and the Little Bellows team

Sandra Coan studio lights and film