Good Things Come

I know you know the quote. You've heard it a thousand times. Probably mostly from your mother who just needed you to stop asking for something over and over and over. 

"Good things come to those who wait."

But the thing is, that's complete bull. Absolute utter malarky. (I'm trying my hardest not to use all the words I probably shouldn't use, but I believe you get my drift.)

When's the last time your bank account went up 1000% after you sat on your couch for 48 straight hours binge watching Luther on Netflix (if you don't love Idris Elba, I don't know that we can be friends)? 

When's the last time you sat around silently waiting to be rescued and then actually got rescued?? Unless you're a sad Disney princess the answer is most likely "never". 

When's the last time you magically got 4 new clients by logging on to a "secret" photography Facebook group and complained about the fact that you didn't have any new clients lined up? 

Good things don't happen to those who sit around and wait for things to happen! They happen to those who work their ass off. Hustle. Market. Follow up with clients. Go above and beyond their expectation.Work hard. Then work harder.

Why do I know this? Because I was the epitome of the whiney photographer sitting around waiting for someone to find me, hire me,  and pay me. Just sitting. Waiting for all the good things to come. I got lost in the world of comparing and watching. Watching other businesses on social media seemingly grow fast and furious. Comparing my business to theirs. But none of that is real. None of it helped MY business. And it put me in a lazy mode. I started to give up. But then a series of things happened to me where other people were giving me feedback that I wasn't seeing. About my work. MY work! In a positive way. I looked back at my own body of work from the previous months and realized it was good! I was happy with it. I didn't need to get the validation from others, but it made me open my own eyes. And that's when I started doing the work. Marketing. Hustling. Reaching out. Perfecting my craft. Getting better. Shooting and shooting some more. And then my work started getting better. I was happier shooting and confident in the images I was making. But that took a while. And a lot of work! It only started happening when I got off my butt and stopped just waiting for all the good things. Do I have it all completely together? Nope. I'm still always learning. But I'm out there trying and researching and getting it done. 

Is there something thats been in the back of your mind that you've been sitting around waiting for it to happen? Take it from me, you'll get that thing, and so many more good things if you put the work in. So go. Do it. All of those tabs going on right now open on your browser? Close all but your website, your email, and of course the LB page (duh!), but be sure to close that Facebook tab. Close the tab of that other photographer's blog you clicked on from FB and then got sucked in to. Go look at your own work instead. Go to your email and follow up with clients. Follow up on leads you haven't heard back from. Send an email to yourself with a list of things you are happy with about your work, and a list of things you are going to do to improve.

Go be your own rescuer. You've got this. 

Fuji 400H shot on a Hasselblad H1 with an AlienBee400 strobe. 

Fuji 400H shot on a Hasselblad H1 with an AlienBee400 strobe.