Stephanie Fishbein, Travels in Europe

I always find traveling to be so inspiring!  Seeing new sites, visiting different cultures... it's makes you view the world differently.  

I love that for portrait photographer Stephanie Fishbein, traveling has pushed her out of her comfort zone as an artist.  And the results are beautiful. 

Thank you for sharing with us Stephanie!

From Stephanie:

I am a California based wedding/lifestyle photographer, but have been traveling around Europe (7 different countries!) for the past few months shooting lots of beautiful medium format film. Catching the mood and light in each city was something that I strived for while maintaining my own vision. This traveling allowed me to branch out from what I love shooting most, people and details, and stretch past my comfort zone capturing scenes and places.

See more of Stephanie's work:  Website | Facebook | Instagram 

Images captured on a Pentax 645N with Fuji 400h.
 Processed and Scanned by Photo Vision Prints