Three Mini Session Marketing Tips To Help You Sell Them Out Today!

Can we take a minute to talk about mini sessions?!! 

I know a lot of photographers hate them.  I hear it all the time.  But, you know what?  I LOVE them!  I really do! They are fun AND super profitable!  And every year they get better.

So, today I want to tell you a bit about why I love them so much.  I want to sell you on the mini session!  And I’m going to share three marketing techniques that will help you knock your mini session sales out of the park.

Ok… here we go.. why I love mini sessions.

Short answer:

They help me meet the needs of all of my people.

Long answer:

The number one worry I hear from photographers when talking about mini sessions is that they fear that if they offer a short, less expensive version of their services, clients won’t book the longer, more expensive packages. 

In my experience, that’s just not true. I find that the price isn’t what motivates my mini session clients.  It’s the ease of it. Mini session clients want something quick and fun. 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a mom sigh at the end of a mini and say “Whew!  I knew he/she could only handle 15 minutes!  That was great”.   Or, I hear a version of“Thank you so much!  The fall is so busy, and this is all I had time for this year!”

Listen, families are busy!
People are worried that their kids will melt down!
Sometimes, they just want one or two photos for a Holiday card.  

And thats okay!  

Those are your mini session people.

Some families, on the other hand,  love (and need) a long session. They want to spend the time, making sure everything is perfect.  They don’t want to feel rushed. They are coming into your studio to create heirlooms, not just to get a few photos.  

Those are your regular session people.

By having regular sessions, and well planned mini sessions, you can meet the needs of ALL of your people… and who doesn’t want to do that?!

(Oh, and don’t be surprised when you get families who’ve booked your full session in the summer coming back for your mini session in the Fall!)  

Sandra Coan: mini sessions that sell

Okay, now, if the number one fear around mini sessions is getting price shoppers, the number two fear, is not booking.
It happens.  A photographer will plan a mini session weekend, and then no one books.  


To help with that, I want to share three things I do to build buzz around my minis.

  • I make them special.

Mini sessions are an event.  I only do them in the Fall.  I make them fun and fast, fifteen minutes, tops!  And, I have goodies for the kids when we are all done.  

My people know that mini sessions happen in the Fall, and I start getting email from people wanting to book in July and August.  But I only take bookings once the dates have been announced, and once those dates are announced, they go like hotcakes!

  • I’m smart about my schedule.

My Holiday dead-line is the first weekend in November.  So when do I run my mini sessions?  Yep, the second weekend in November.  


I want to create an incentive for all of those families who’ve been putting it off, or have been too busy, to come in.  This is the last possible time to get photos before the Holidays, and my people know it. 

  • I price to sell.

While price isn’t the main motivation for my clients to book a mini session, it does play a part.  I make sure my sittings are priced to sell.  I also offer a few of my best selling items as add-ons and I talk to my clients about these add-ons at the end of their shoot.  Every. Single. Person. Adds something to their package. 

My clients get a great value and get their Holiday shopping done, and I meet my sales goals.  A total win/win. 

Sandra Coan : Profitalbe mini sessions

Okay my friends… I hope I’ve motivated you.  Have you done mini sessions this year?  If not, try it!!  It’s not too late!  Then report back… I want to hear how it goes!

Happy shooting!

Sandra Coan: Profitable mini sessions

Photos by Sandra Coan.  Captured on a Contax 645 with Fuji 400h and Strobes.  

Processed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.