Carrie Geddie: Film Wins!

I love these photos, and  I love what Carrie has to say about film.  It's so true.  Film handles light in such a graceful way!  Shoot digital images in contrasty light, and you are going to have some pretty harsh looking photos.  Shoot film in contrasty light, and your get beautiful airy images.   Film wins, every time.

-Sandra Coan

From Carrie:

"One of the things I love so much about film is that sessions are not limited to shooting only during an hour or two in the evening - film can make any light look amazing!  Fellow film photographer Amy Bethune and her family were vacationing in Ocean Isle Beach, NC, and we did not have the luxury of choosing perfect evening light for our session.  We ended up shooting at about 10am and the sun was already very bright and high in the sky, but I knew with film it would come out great!  We had so much fun playing on the beach that morning and Richard Photo Lab seriously rocked these scans!  I love that even when the family is back-lit, the horizon and ocean are not blown out and you can still see the beautiful beach.  Film wins!"

Images shot on a Pentax 645N + 75mm 2.8 FA lens with 400H.  Processed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.

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