Meghan Boyer: Flawless Studio Portraits!

I love it when photographers I know photograph other photographers I know! Meghan Boyer met Meghan Hale at our Little Bellows Workshop last year.  What a treat to see them working together.  Meghan Boyer's studio work is just flawless.  And Meghan Hale's little baby is too cute for words.!  Put those things together, and behold the magic!

-Sandra Coan

From Meghan:

"Meghan's baby was turning 6 months and she realized she should be in front of the camera for a change. I was so happy to have them come in to the studio. Her little boy was without exaggeration the happiest baby I've ever met. Smiled, laughed, and played the entire time. I love that she did the session, as it's really hard to do that sometimes as a photographer."

Maryland Family Photographer_MeghanBoyer_0001
Maryland Family Photographer_MeghanBoyer_0002
Maryland Family Photographer_MeghanBoyer_0003
Maryland Family Photographer_MeghanBoyer_0004
Maryland Family Photographer_MeghanBoyer_0005
Maryland Family Photographer_MeghanBoyer_0006
Maryland Family Photographer_MeghanBoyer_0007
Maryland Family Photographer_MeghanBoyer_0008
Maryland Family Photographer_MeghanBoyer_0009
Maryland Family Photographer_MeghanBoyer_0010
Maryland Family Photographer_MeghanBoyer_0011
Maryland Family Photographer_MeghanBoyer_0012

All images created on Fuji 400h with the H1 and the BW is tri-X on the Leica M6

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