Christina Mallet's These Photos Make Me Think This...

Hello and welcome to another installment of my weekly wanderings of the #littlebellows Instagram hashtag pool. I never approach my selecting of images with a theme in mind, however I do find that I usually pick a lot of black and white images.

Don't get me wrong, I love color, and to prove it  I've posted a bounty of color!

Congrats to the featured photographers. Be sure to check out more of their work in their linked name below their image.





A great moment and a super great backdrop.

This small human loves the beach.

I love the deep green and then the pastelly blue hues of the sky.




A serious cool cat here.

I love this simple and straight forward portrait.

Here's why: I love portrait orientation, as opposed to landscape, I love the coolness of the backdrop and the ever so slight vignette.

And then, there's the pink hair, pink shirt, angry birds, sunglasses, freckles and cheeky smirky smile.



Oh Kirsty Larmour, you slay me with your beautiful travel images.

Note: Iran is now on my list of places I must see.

The colors and textures of Persia are other worldly


It's really cool to see images of Iran and so timely given all the Iran Deal news.


I love a summer sky in black and white.

I feel like I see so much more in black and white.

I love the rule breaking here regarding the horizon line, which is pretty much center but askew.


Clever image taking and rule breaking for the win.


I have chicken love.

Colors I love too.

This looks fine art to me folks.

And back to the talk of horizon lines and making them dead center:

I love this horizon dead center! It works.

There is some irony here that I can't quite put my finger on.


In any case. A++



I love everything about this image.

From the colors, to her hair and the piece caught up in the flowers, to her dress, to her eyes closed.

I would hang thing and hang it big.



This seemed like a great parting image.

I love the very dark shadows and the sky and then Pop! In come these fluffy, hanging on for dear life fluffs of dandelion.

This image is raw.

From the very close range to the reality of things going to seed.

It's poetic.