Christina Mallet's These Photos Makes Me Think....

Psst. I'm back, and happy to be! I've been away for almost 2 months, traveling to Europe and the US and now I'm back in my 'now' home of Cape Town South Africa.

How this goes, is I go through the pool of images hash-tagged with #littlebellows and I pick my favorites and talk about them.

If you'd like to submit some of your favorite work, please do so. I promise I'll see it and maybe I'll feature your image.

I'm excited to show you an amazing group of really compelling black and whites and a few color images.






I love this image, a lot.

Two bare bellies

Two disgruntled mugs

There's something about this image that somehow reminds me of those books from the late 90s titled "A Day In The Life Of [insert Eastern European country].



What a beautiful rich black and white portrait.

Jason Watts knocks it out of the park again, and again.

Go see his Instagram feed and you will not be disappointed. IMG_0254


I love this gun show of a portrait.

These two lads are total boy and there's something really timeless here, or maybe it's nostalgia.

Either way, rock solid portrait. IMG_0257


When this baby grows up and we see his portrait in Wired or Time, they will show this image.

He will be staring you down in the same way and you will listen. IMG_0258


If Calvin Klein ever made children's fragrences, this image would be front and center.

I'm thinking billboards.

Pretty. Ethereal. IMG_0260


Mom's everywhere do this everyday.

But this image is so full of amazing composition elements, I had to share.

All those lines and angles serve to draw our eyes to the lovely moment these two are sharing.



Holy water nymph!

This looks like something realized out of one of my son's Greek mythology books.

The distortion of the water is so cool and makes me think this is no mere mortal.

Also, super background, all that lava lookingly rock.



I really love this image a lot.

It's a beautiful moment and it's basked in beautiful and dramatic light.

I love all of the inanimate decor objects, sitting there are austere and still, like furnishings have been known to do.

And there there's these two.


I feel bad for this fish but it did not die in vain.

It's a beautiful fish and I love everything about this image.

I would even hang it in my house.

The colors are off the charts.

That's one good looking fish.



This is a great ending-this-post photo.

This girl is beautiful, the light is beautiful, she's happy, the background is mysterious and inviting.

I wonder if that is a star behind her is foreshadowing her future.

Anyway, I like her and it feels nice to look at her.