Strobes or Sun?

It has finally happened. After months and months of shooting nothing but film with strobes, I've come to the point where I think I prefer the look of strobes over natural light.

Saying that out loud feels a little scary, especially to a community of film shooters, but hear me out:

  • Strobes are consistent.  When I use them, my light is the same at every. single. shoot.  My meter readings are always the same, regardless of the weather.  Using artificial light has allowed me to shoot film 100% of the time and has freed me from stress.
  • Strobes bring out the best in film.  Film loves light.  And strobes give the perfect amount of light every time.  So my images are always perfectly exposed and beautiful.
  • Strobes do not have to look "flashy".  I love strobes, but I HATE images that look artificial and "flashy".  I want my work to be soft and airy and, when used properly, my strobes give me that look.
  • Strobes are easy.  Seriously.  I know that they seem complicated, but they are not.  Everything I do is done with one light and one light modifier.  Thats it.
Sandra Coan Photography: Newborns on film with strobes

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Sandra Coan

Sandra Coan Photography: Film with strobes