Beginner Color Film Stock

Are you new to film photography?  Little Bellows is a great resource where you will find what you need to get started.  Today, let's talk a little bit about what are the best beginner color film stock. If you are a beginner to the wonderful world of photography, my recommendation for you is start with the film stocks that have the widest latitude.  What does "widest latitude" mean?  It simply means that the film stock is very forgiving when it comes to exposure.  As you start out shooting film, getting consistent exposure is quite difficult.  There is no LCD on the back of the camera to check on histogram.  You probably feel that you are "taking a leap on faith", or shooting "blind".

The film stocks I always recommend for beginner film shooters are Kodak Portra 400 or Fuji 400h Pro.  These are great stocks that are will give you ample elbow room in getting that good image on your first tries.  These stocks can handle up to 2 stops of underexposure so that if you accidentally make a mistake in metering for the film, the images should still come out nicely.  Besides, these stocks are great at pushing 1 to 2 stops during process.

©Joyce C. Kang-000099320011001
©Joyce C. Kang-000024300008001
Fuji 400 Processed Normal.  Image credit: Heather Chang
Fuji 400h Pushed one stop in process.  Image credit: Heather Chang

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