Studio Strobes: NOT Just for Studio Photographers

Earlier this year I released my workshop style PDF, The Missing Link: A Film Photographers Guide to Studio Strobes. My intention for the guide was to give film photographers the foundation they need to be able to shoot film 100% of the time.

But what people have done with the information has truly blown me away!

Think strobes are just for studio photographers?  Think again!

Check out what these amazing creatives are doing with artificial light.

So inspiring!

Isabelle Hesselberg: Film and Strobes
Isabelle Hesselberg: Film and Strobes

Love these detail photos by Isabelle Hesselberg of 2 Brides Photography.  So stunning!

 Fuji 400h. Processed and scanned by Carmencita Film Lab


Newborns on film make me swoon.  This image by Jennifer Capozzola Photography is absolute perfection!

Fuji 400h.  Processed and scanned by Indie Film Lab.


Photographer (and bravest mom in the world) Carrie Geddie ambushed her kids with this early morning lifestyle shoot.

Fuji 400h.  Processed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.


So impressed with this lifestyle photo by Jen Golay.  Strobes in the bathroom!  No problem!

Fuji 400h.  Processed and scanned by The Find Lab.


And because who doesn't love a Polaroid photo of a creepy doll?

 Martin Garcia took this photo with strobes on an Instax Camera!  So cool!!

If you’ve been wanting to learn how to shoot film with strobes, now is the time!