Hold Still by Sally Mann Book Giveaway

What are some of the titles that are on your Summer's reading list? If you need a suggestion, I highly recommend "Hold Still" by Sally Mann.  If there is one book you should read this summer, this is it!

Why?  Perhaps it's her candidness about her own work:

"Maybe you've made something mediocre is better than nothing, and often the near-misses, as I call them, are the beckoning hands that bring you to perfection just around the blind corner."  ~Sally Mann, Hold Still

Or, maybe I can relate to her as a mom, and how she sees her everyday:

"...it was the birth of the family pictures, breathing life into the notion that photographs, and sometimes good ones, could be made everywhere, even in the most seemingly commonplace or fraught moments." ~Sally Mann, Hold Still

And, perchance it's her fearlessness and how she has paved the way for future female photographers:

"The act of looking appraisingly at a man, studying this body and asking to photograph him, is a brazen venture for a woman; for a male photographer, these acts are commonplace, even expected."

I can't wait to lock my bedroom door so I can indulge in the rest of the book without interruptions.

And because I think it's long over-due, and it makes me happy, I am giving away TWO copies of this book, Hold Still by Sally Mann, one to you and one to your friend (for our fans in the U.S. only)!

To Enter Hold Still by Sally Mann Giveaway:

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Winner for this giveaway will be announced tomorrow at 10 am (CST).