Christina Mallet's These Photos Make Me Think This...

Hiya and welcome to my day of Instagram favorites from the #littlebellows hashtag pool! Today's images are very spring-and-summer-like and this makes me happy because I am currently in the midst of winter, here in the southern most tip of Africa. Yes, there is actual winter on the continent of Africa, crazy huh?

Anywho, please enjoy these bursts of freshness!

Congrats to the featured photographers, be sure to check out their profiles linked below their photos.





Strawberries equal the beginning of summer.

And, strawberries are really pretty! Are you seeing that too?

Even the tops, removed so perfectly, are beautiful.

Love the natural light and the little hands sneaking some. IMG_9298


I feel like this is in Northern Europe or Scandinavia.

The sweather, the wreath, the vegetation which reminds me of tulips.

I can image the cool air and longer days.



This is film.

I'm pretty sure I showed this image in BW, but you should also see it in color.

It's fab and artful and very cherish-worthy.



This photo is really intersting to me.

It's not a traditional portrait but it moves me in that way.

I'm obsessed with the painting 'Christina's World' and I imagine this is Christina.

I love the background elements, the braids, the deep thought and/or maybe exasperation. IMG_9304


Take this pose and add 20 years and it might look grunge era show pre-stage dive.

Very cool framing and movement.

I wonder if I would have this feeling of music if it were in color.

I think that would make it a very different picture.



Film, exquisite color and depth.

Look at the range in those pinks!

I love the perspective, shooting up into the sky, and because of that we get this cool glimpse of a city. IMG_9295


The Silk Road Sisters.

Kirsty Larmour part ... it doesn't really matter, it's awesome and I'm a fan.

Uzbekistan awaits and I will go someday.

Thanks for the itinerary inspiration Kirsty!