Christina Mallet's These Photos Make Me Think This...

Hello Y'all!Happy Thursday and welcome to the day when I wax sentimental on my favorite images from the #littlebellows Instagram pool.

Today's collection has some really amazing portraits and two really iconic captures of kids being kids.

Enjoy the rest of the week and Happy Weekend!

From me, way the heck down at the bottom of Africa,




So classic, so perfectly exposed, so timelessly wonderful

Frame it big, Frame it proud.



I'm living e-vicariously through Kirsty Larmours world travels.

I've been showing you the places she's been and the range of landscapes and architecture inspires me.

Hitch a ride--check out her feed, linked above. 11333454_897281460334660_1647731714_n


Cat Thrasher is one the smartest, thoughtful and most intellectual photographers I know.

She studies, she plans, she thinks and then she does (photographs).

I also love Cat's name.

She who thrashes, wins. 11271059_870973562961067_2075776324_n


I have been mourning the departure of Mary Ellen Mark and this photo reminded me of her.

Mark's portraits were always honest and unobtrusive, like this image.

Here is a beautiful reminder of the power of human connection to bring us joy.



This image is so perfectly composed, both in terms of timing and the leading lines of the piano and the background elements.

An iconic image of childhood, a tribute to living joyfully.



Oh my gawd.

Her skin, her glow, her warm expression, perfection.

I love her hair flying about.

The colors are wow.



She is now a famous and groundbreaking (insert profession).

This small lady has an air about her that is so dignified.

When I first saw this I thought of Anne Boleyn and then I said no way because she lost her head.

Then I thought the present day Queen of England, when she was little.

There's some royalty here.



Don't be glum wee one.

Over your shoulder is light and it brings something new.

I think it's interesting that she has no catch lights in her eyes but just off to the right are some catch lights.

Maybe it's a metaphor.