Christina Mallet's: These Photos Make Me Think This...

Hello and Happy Instagram picks of the week day!Also, today is the day where I wax not so poetically on what drew me to select the images you see below.

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Have a great rest of the week and weekend! Christina



Kirsty's images of her travels are gorgeous, no doubt.

It's also no secret that I think this a lot because I feature her work a lot and honestly,Β for the few consecutive weeks I've posted her photos.

I don't usually do that, but her images are so pretty and serve a great PSA to get out there and see your world (your backyard counts).



I love the depth here.

There's something in the fore, mid and background, which makes for a dynamic viewing experience.

Also, the lights and the darks are so crisp and contrasty.

Much like.



This is one cool cat!

I can imagine Pharrel had a photo like this taken of him when he was a young lad.

Gorgeous exposure and a bit of whimsy, with a very pensive face=WIN.




This is really beautiful.

I'm not sure what I like the best here, because I like it all.

The soft side light (a window?), the beautiful face, the fabric, the placement of said fabric.

Le sigh.