Christina Mallet on These Photos Make Me Think This...

Hello! Welcome to this week's installment of my favorites from the #littlebellows Instagram feed.I need to let y'all know that it's a miracle if you're reading this--I have been without Internet for over a week and so if you are reading along and I seem to drop off, well I did.

South Africa sometimes has its 'infrastructure' challenges.

But, keep hash tagging your images everyone! And a huge congrats to the featured photographers!

Cheers, Christina



This is such a crisp, clean and timeless image.

I like how the wispy fine hair and the fine dandelion fluff, in their fragileness, compliment each other.



This is a very cool take, angle, on the dandelion being blown image.

I live the dark of the shadows contrasted with the brilliant blue sky.



Gosh, I really love this image.

It could be a painting and I love that it's not tack sharp and all perfect.

It's perfect just the way it is.



And the last image of today's post, is from Lithuania.

If you aren't following Kirsty Larmour on IG you need to do that right now.

The places she takes her family and the way she captures her family in said places is inspiring and beautiful.