Christina Mallet's These Photos Make Me Think This...

Hello and Happy Instagram cull day from the #littlebellows hashtag pool, which at present has 63, 133 photos! Wow, that's a lot! I really love today's collection of photos.

Please be sure to check out the featured photographers and what I think about their images, below.

By the way, congrats to the photographers!

And, keep posting your Instagram photos to the #littlebellows hashtag pool ! I have looked through every single image on there and will continue to do so!








This photo makes me feel calm.

I love the detail in the white of her dress.

And the gentle wind moving said dress is really quieting.



I love experimentation and I want to high five anyone for their experimenting spirit!

I think this is a really interesting take on the double exposure.

This a double exposure made the good old fashioned way, via film.

I think the soft petals contrasted with the high contrast stripes does something really unique and interesting.

This photo is the complete of static--there's serious movement here.



Sandra Jolly has a very photogenic daughter and I love how so much of her IG feed is unapologetic in it's dedicated to this sweet face.

This photos reminds me of Madonna, like maybe she looked like this once. thecovertlens-4


I really like the variety of textures and lines here.

From the horizontal siding, to the intricate vines and roots climbing their way through the scene.

And then the reflection in the window--a complex combo or the win!



A really beautiful portrait.

I love the deep rich tones, the tack sharp eyes and the wood behind her.

The framing element of the wood behind her, with loads of texture=awesome.

This photo in black and white is money.



It's doesn't get much sweeter or newer than this image and this wee new person.

The window light does amazing things here.

I'm not sure if I'm watching the first day of this new life, but it sure feels like it.



Boys are great.

Meghan Boyer's boys are her muses and I love watching how she captures their days in portraits.




Drama, serious shadows, freckles, natural framing, beautiful eyes.

All of it!



Amazing portrait

It's so girl power and reminds me of Rosie the Riverter.

What a serene and beautiful expression on this lovely face.

Plus, that's a bad @$$ lemon.

She was the queen on lemonade that day.



A pretty posy photo and a pretty posy with dandelions is sweet.

We often think of dandelions as weeds, but here you see how pretty they are.

The horizontal lines behind her, from the siding, and the verticals from the fence, the light coming through her hair, the little bit of her pigtail and her sweet young face makes this like a painting.

Great composition. katietylerpurnell-13


This is an amazing image.

It's like a modern and stylized take on Mary Cassatt's few beach paintings.

The color palette here is small here but it is huge!

This photo is off the charts and I love how it works with the photo below.




Add even one drop of red to a photo and your eyes will immediately go there, regardless of how small the red it.

This is a great moment, in a great place.

I would print this huge, like really huge and hang it in a huge huge room.

Love it.