Film Favorites in Color Film: Fuji 400H by Joyce Kang

Ah!  My apologies fans!  This is one day late because I couldn't get my acts together to write a blog post this past weekend.  I spent most of it in the ER with my 7 year old who was suffering from asthma resulted from the horrible seasonal allergy, which is also one of the most beautiful time in Texas.  The oak trees are covering almost everything in a thin yellow blanket.  Thankfully, Sandra was able to step in and write up a Monday day blog while I recuperate from the weekend shenanigans. _______________

I don't know about you, but I am SUPER excited that Little Bellows started calling for specific film stock themes on Little Bellow Facebook Page.  This means that I now have so many filmy eye candies to look through and to admire.  Recently, we had a call out for Fuji 400h film.  Are you kidding?   I was in heaven!  I have always loved this film stock but haven't been able to shoot it much.  You all inspired me so much with your gorgeous film shares.  Now, I can't wait to get back into shooting this film!  If you want to learn about shooting film or how to get started, Little Bellows has a film forum group for you!  We are a friendly bunch and would love to meet each of our fans.  So, make sure you come and say hello :)

Now, let's check out who made it to my favorite color film: Fuji 400H list this month:


xx Joyce

400h Amy Bethune Photography

Amy Bethune Photography

400h Carly Bingham Photography

Carly Bingham Photography

400H Carrie Geddie Photography

Carrie Geddie Photography

400h Heather Chang Photography

Heather Chang Photography

400h Jen Golay Photography

Daily Life Photography

400h Lana Bell Photography

Lana Bell Photography

400h Lori Allen Photography

Lori Allen Photography

400h Meghan Boyer Photography

Meghan Boyer Photography

400h simply splendid

Simply Splendid